It’s Sunday. And People are Playing Football. Hooray.
January 2nd, 2011 by slangon

So today is the last week of regular season football. Someway or nuther, the Giants still have a way into the post season. Someway or nuther, they can win all they want and that’s not going to do it. There’s something intensely annoying to me as a fan about that. Either way, the Giants need to beat the Redskins. I don’t really want to comment on the probability of that, since it seems that every time I bring up past winning percentages and things like that, things go bad. I will say that the Giants have beaten the ‘Skins 6 times in a row. The other thing that needs to happen is that the Bears have to beat the Packers. Normally, I would say that’s not a tall order, except for the fact that the Bears have already clinched a 1st round bye so there’s a very good possibility that they’ll rest their regulars. It’s not a very good feeling.

Anyway, I’ve already tried showing old Giants cards to rally the team to win and the lost. I’ve tried showing cards of the team that the Giants were playing and they still lost. I’ve even tried showing cards from teams that don’t even exist any more and they still lost. Today, I will just try any channel the spirit of a very good Giants player who was part of some teams who knew a little something about losing. Hopefully, it will help that he happens to have one of the most awesome names, not only in the history of football, not only in the history os sport, but in the history of mankind.

1968 Topps #83 Spider Lockhart

Now the Giants are not really any kind of dynastic franchise in the way that say the Yankees are, but they have done more winning than losing. Like any franchise that’s been around for 85 years, they’ve had a few extended periods of bad years. Probably the worst of these was the 1970’s. The best year they had during that decade was 1972, when they went 8-6 and finished 3rd. Every other year they had a losing record, gave up more points than they scored and finished either last or one above last. That was the environment that Spider played much of his career with the Giants. He knows a little something about the pain of losing. Let’s not add to that today, Giants. Let’s win a damn game. Let’s do it for Spider.

The last time I showed a 1968 Topps Football card, it happened to have a Len Dawson puzzle back, so I was never actually able to discuss the back. This card happens to have the regular back from the ’68 football set, which I have to say, looks pretty cool to me. I love the green and white color combo. There’s no doubt as to the readability of this puppy. Although I usually like to see a bit more info, I’m willing to overlook it on a football card, mostly because I don’t really understand most statistical football mumbo jumbo anyway. I do like the inclusion of Spider’s interception record however since to me, that’s one of the more exciting plays in football. I also love the huge coin rub graphic on the bottom. Even though it’s not scratched and they don’t even ask a question so you really have no idea what’s under there, it just looks really cool.

Anyway, I’m going to go get liquored up in preparation for the Giants 4:15 start. I’m kind of torn on whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing that they’re on at the same time as the Packers/Bears game. On one hand, it’s going to be annoying to watch 2 stressful games at one time. On the other hand, at least the annoyance won’t be stretched out.

Right now, it really strikes me as funny that the whole reason I started to pay attention to football was to distract myself from the misery of being a Mets fan. Hilarious.

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  1. It’s a good thing that it doesn’t bother me as much when the Giants fail as when the Mets do.

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