Happy 2011, Everybody.
January 1st, 2011 by slangon

I hope everybody had a good New Years Eve that involved lots of eating, drinking and being merry. Personally, I had a pretty quite, yet enjoyable one, which is something I haven’t enjoyed in, well, ever. I guess things change a bit when you’re toting around a 22 month little boy and a pregnant wifey. Anyway, I had a nice, quiet night and because of that I’m actually awake and not in pain at an hour some people might call respectable on New Years Day. Bully for me.

Since I didn’t want to have a post just telling you about my lame sounding New Years Eve, here’s a card.

It’s a pretty sweet David Wright jersey card from the 2006 Allen & Ginter set that I won last week on eBay. It’s one of those cards that had started at $0.99 that hadn’t been bid on yet, so I threw a bid of $0.99 up there, thinking if somebody really wanted it, they could have it. Surprisingly, no one else bid on it, so I got it for a buck (well, $2.50 with shipping). A pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

I forget which blog it was that did it, but recently someone made a comparison of all the different Allen & Ginter framed relic and autograph cards. This is actually my first from 2006, and I got to say, I think it’s my favorite. That’s a bit of a weird statement to make, just because the design of all of them are basically the same, just different color combinations. I think this particular color combo works the best out of them all. It just reminds me of sitting in a beach side bar in the Caribbean, drinking some sort of a drink with an umbrella in it. I think that’s why I picked this card to show today. That’s a good image to have in your head when you’ve got a slight hangover and are buried under about a foot and a half of week old snow.

Anyway, have a good New Years Day and don’t forget to drink lots of water.

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  1. Happy New Year!


  2. Happy New Year!

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