December 14th, 2010 by slangon

I’m sure by now everyone has heard that the Phillies popped up out of nowhere and resigned Clifton Lee. That’s crazy. I mean it’s crazy to think about that rotation. Yikes. I guess I don’t really care about it this coming season since I don’t expect the Mets to really be in the mix anyway, but that certainly puts a damper on any hopes for the team going forward.

Well, no use crying over a rotation of Hallday, Lee, Oswalt and Hamels. The Mets made a big move recently as well.

Is it sad that the most exciting move the Mets have made this off-season so far is hiring Mookie Wilson as their first base coach? Is it even sadder that I have a feel that come Opening Day, that will still stand as the most exciting move they made all off-season?

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