You Gotta Hand it to Them
November 2nd, 2010 by slangon

As much as I was rooting for Texas to win this Worlds Series, and as much I was 100% believed that Texas was going to win this World Series, I extend a hearty congratulations to Bruce Bochy and the Giants on their very impressive win over the Rangers.

As I mentioned in the very first post I did regarding my thoughts on the 2010 post-season, I’m not a fan of the Giants, but I also don’t harbor any deep seeded hatred for them, either. As I put it in that post, “when I look at that team, I get the same reaction as looking at a brick wall”. But having seen the way that they played throughout the post-season, and the way they just kept beating teams that everyone thought were better than them, you really have to tip your cap. They played really well, did all the little things, got great pitching, got timely hitting, and beat all those supposedly better teams. Well played, boys. Well played.

By the way, when I made that custom Giants celebration card up top, I didn’t really plan on using the 1961 Topps design. I sort of just picked it at random from whatever other old World Series highlight cards were on COMC. It just so happens to be the design used in this years Heritage set. Would the World Series highlight cards from this years Series be in the 2010 Heritage High Numbers set, or in next years Heritage set? I wonder.

Anyway, just to wrap up this post-season, here’s some other World Series celebrations from the archives.

Here’s the Dodgers of 1959 celebrating with a ceremonial dousing with alcohol after their win over the White Sox. That’s pitching coach Joe Becker receiving the booze bath. I find it sort of awesome that they’re dousing him with bottles of beer, rather than $200 bottles of champagne. I also love the look on his face.

Here we have the 1968 Tigers going wild after defeating the Cardinals. I really like that they made this card look like a newspaper. It especially goes well with the fact that back in the day these cards (as well as the All-Star cards, and I believe the All-Star Rookie cards) were brought to you by The Sporting News. I wonder what ever happened the Topps/Sporting News connection?

Here’s one of my personal favorites, the 1969 Mets whooping it up after taking the Orioles in 5 games. I believe that’s Ed Kranepool, possible Tug McGraw, Ed Charles and I’m not sure who that guy up from is. Maybe Danny Frisella. I sort of want to try and track down that Amazing Mets record that Ed Charles is holding.

Finally, we have the 1972 A’s and their on-field hootin’ and hollerin’ after beating the Big Red Machine. I sort of like the cards that show the clubhouse shenanigans, but a good on-field dog pile is always cool, too. I do always feel sort of bad, though, when a coach or a player from the loosing team ends up in a shot of the winners jumping around and screaming and yelling. Especially when they’re doing it on the losers field. It’s just awkward.

So there you have it. Another season, another World Series. I’m actually kind of glad that the Giants won in less than 7 games, since I was just realizing last night that I don’t actually own any Game 7 highlights. Oh well.

To everyone who’s not a Giants fan, there’s always next year.

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