A Very Sunny Thursday is Upon Us Once More
October 28th, 2010 by slangon

Let’s see. Game 2 of the World Series is supposed to start around 7:30 tonight. Considering the game will be on FOX, I’d imagine that 7:30 is when all their idiot announcers start blabbering away about their opinions regarding the game. The actual game will probably start more like 8. I’d say we’ll be in the 4th or 5th inning come 10 PM when It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia starts. I hope the game is a blow out one way or another by that point, because I know what I’ll be watching.

Anyway, here’s this weeks installment of the SlangKo Kustom It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia set. Last week I finished up the last of the “The Gang”, so from here on in it’s going to be all the secondary characters, which are kind of my favorites. That seems to happen a lot with me and television shows. Some random secondary character always ends up being the one I like best.

2010 SlangKo It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Kustom Set #07 Artemis

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  1. For some reason I actually want to own a card that has the words “bleached anus” written on the back… Never saw that coming.

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