Things Certainly Are Getting Interesting
October 22nd, 2010 by slangon

A day or two ago, both teams that I hate were looking at a 3-1 deficit in their respective Championship Series, and both teams have managed to pull themselves up by the bootstraps to force at least a game 6. Wednesday CC Sabathia and the Yanks did it against the Rangers, and last night Doc Halladay and the Phils did it against the Giants. Of course Halladay was pretty terrible in the game. He actually gave up 6 hits. And 2 runs. And he didn’t even pitch 9 innings. Nice ace, Philadelphia. Hope he was worth the money.

Anyway, tonight all eyes will be on Arlington, Texas, to see if the Yankees can keep their post-season run alive for one more night.

Tonight’s game will basically be a rematch of game 2, and we all know how that turned out. Actually, thinking about that, I wonder if it’s just coincidence that the 2 games that the Yankees won happened to be the 2 games that Sabathia started. Obviously, Wednesdays game he pitched really well, so it makes sense that they would win, but he pitched pretty badly in game 1, but the Yankees were able to overcome none-the-less and win a game that they probably shouldn’t have. Considering how badly they were manhandled by the Rangers in the next 3 games, that ends up looming pretty large.

Regardless, tonight, the Rangers will be sending Colby Lewis to the bump. He pitched alright against New York last time around. Didn’t quite make it through 6, but he only allowed 2 runs, and the bullpen was able to hold down the fort to get him the win. It’s funny, throughout all these games, outside of Cliff Lee, I don’t really have any recollection of any other Texas pitchers performing. Maybe it’s because outside of Wednesdays loss, the offense has been so spectacular. Obviously, the pitchers not named Lee must be performing well, considering that outside of the 2 losses, the Yankees have been pretty much held in check. I guess there must be a lot of performances like Colby Lewis’, where he didn’t give up a ton of runs, but he was out of there pretty quickly. Who knows?

The Bombers will be countering with the young righty Phil Hughes, who had a great season, but got pretty well tattooed last time in Arlington. That makes this game sort of weird to call for me. Yeah, Texas had his number in game 2, but they also had CC’s number in game 1. I would love to see the Rangers close this thing out tonight just so they can save Cliff Lee for game 1 of the World Series, but I’m just not sure. Hell, I suppose even if the Yankees force a game 7 and Texas wins, Lee could still start game 1. He’d be working on 4 days rest. It’s doable. But let’s get past game 6 first.

Let’s go Rangers.

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  1. Only 6ip? Geez it’s like Halladay’s turning into johan ‘I’m the best pitcher in the nl east’ santana!

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