eBay Stuff: The 1971 Version, Part B
August 27th, 2009 by slangon

So here’s the second half of the 1971 Topps Mets haul.

71TOPPSharrelsonCool action shot, but I must say, possibly not the best choice of cropping. Which one is Bud Harrelson?¬†Couldn’t you have zoomed in on just the play at second? I guess we need to give props to whoever stuck that signature over there. Otherwise we might never know whose baseball card this is supposed to be.
71TOPPSkoosmanOld Stone Face Koosman. I always giggle inside when I say his name. Awesome Shea Stadium background. Completely how I don’t remember it.
71TOPPSmcandrewReally cool action shot on this one. I love how every single person in the crowd is looking to the left to see what the outcome of Jim’s pitch is.
71TOPPSmetsTeam cards, along with manager cards are a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. Actually, I guess I don’t really feel guilty about it. I just like them, especially old team cards. I love that they have the trainers, or whoever those guys out of uniform are. Is that Tommie Agee giving Gary Gentry a massage over there on the left?
71TOPPSrobertsonAnother fine example of 70’s era Topps airbrushing. Seriously, as if this guy didn’t look generic enough?
71TOPPSclendenonGeez, Donn, you look a little worn out there. Maybe you should ask Tommie Agee for a massage. It’s also a little eerie how his batting gloves make his one hand look like it’s a white dudes.
71TOPPSdyerAnother little detail I kind of love about older cards is when the players signature doesn’t match whatever name Topps put on the card. Why can’t you just call him “Dan” like he wants, instead of trying to force some stupid nickname, like “Duffy” on him? Oh well, I guess it’s better than calling Roberto Clemente “Bobby”.
71TOPPSsadeckiNice vantage point on this photo. Although with all that dead space on the right, I don’t know why they didn’t crop it differently to get at least a little bit of the batter in there.
71TOPPSgentryThese old-timey warm up jacket things that you often see pitchers wearing on cards strike me as weird. It just looks like they’re wearing a garbage bag under their jersey. And it’s obviously making Gary tense. No wonder Tommie was giving him a massage.
71TOPPSfrisellaThis guy looks like the guy I would want to hang out with if I was on the ’71 Mets. He don’t need no garbage bag warm up thingie. Hell, he don’t even need a shave and a haircut. And are those pit stains?
71TOPPSgroteThis action shot is truly outstanding. Head down, busting for first. Crowd all looking out to watch the play. Opposing dugout looking nervous. Bat caught in mid air, kicking up a cloud of dirt. Just beautiful. I also love looking at old baseball crowds from back in the day when dudes wore suits and ties to the ballpark. And there’s more fedoras than baseball caps.

Well, there you have it. My 1971 Topps Mets haul. This was actually 3 auctions won from the same seller. It put a very nice dent in my ’71 team set.

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  1. that is of course nolan ryan #30 inthe foreground of the harrelson card

  2. I agree with you about the Sadeki card. I really think it’s a unique angle for a card, but I wish they would have cropped out some of the dead space on the right.

  3. @ned: You know, I didn’t really think about that. I guess having a dude like Ryan on a card is worth it.

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