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October 9th, 2010 by slangon

A few posts ago I had mentioned that I had picked up some cards in the electronic version of the quarter bin. I happened to be buying some cards I needed for my 1960 set off of this one dude on Sportlots and noticed that he had a bunch of cards listed at $0.30 and lower, all listed as being in “good” condition. I’m always a fan of cheap vintage cards and I enjoy them regardless of condition, so I bought a few bucks worth. Here’s some.

1963 Topps #23 Ed Lopat

Doesn’t Ed Lopat look like a swell guy on ┬áthis card? A guy who’s full of encouraging words and ready with a pat on the back when you have a bad day? A guy who calls all the young players on his team “Son”? I always thought that all managers from before 1975 were mean old bastards who only got anything out of their players through fear and intimidation and yell at you even when you just did something good and spit tobacco juice on your shoes. I like his shirt though. ($0.25)

1961 Topps #383 Frisco First Liners

Do you ever pose for a group picture and you’re standing around with your buddies or your family or whoever and then the person taking the picture tries to crack wise by saying “Come on. Pretend like you like each other.” I feel like the Topps photographer who snapped this shot should’ve tried that. Old Jack in the middle looks as cool as a cucumber, but Mike on the left seems to be looking to him for guidance on how to stand and I can just hear Billy saying “Aw, shucks.” Oddly enough, that piece on the right side that looks like it could fall off if you stare at it too hard is on there good. I think some one krazy glued it back on. ($0.18)

1965 T0pps #109 Walt Bond

Walt looks a little confused. Maybe it’s because every other 1965 Topps card has the teams name in the little pennant at the bottom but his just says Houston, but his hat says the .45’s. Whats that all about? ($0.18)

1958 Topps #236 Ed Fitzgerald

Remember, when I said that all the cards I got were $0.30 or lower? Apparently, I lied. I forgot that this one was $0.35. I’ve been growing more and more fond of this ’58 set. I think I like the bright, solid colored backgrounds. Very eye catching. I don’t quite get why Topps wrote Ed’s last name as “FitzGerald” though. They didn’t do it on the back.

While we’re looking at the back, I find it very funny that in the little bio the copy writer claims that “In addition to his valuable backstopping duties, Fitz adds some punch to the Nats’ batting order.” Then they follow that up by pointing out that Ed led the N.L. catchers in passed ball one season and that in 45 games last season he hit .272 with 1 whole homer. If that constitutes “valuable backstopping duties” and “some punch”, I’d hate to see what mediocre backstopping and run of the mill batting would be. ($0.35)

1961 Topps Ron Fairly

I’m not 100% positive, but I think that Ron Fairly’s 1960 card might’ve been the very first 1960 Topps card that I got which sparked my interest in trying to complete it. Thanks a lot , Ron. Interestingly, Ron appeared in 2 All-Star games in his career, 1973 and 1977. What is interesting about that is that in ’73 he represented the Montreal Expos and in ’77 he was there as a Toronto Blue Jay. He was the only player in the history of the Majors to represent both Canadian teams in the mid-summer classic. Furthermore, unless Vladimir Guerrero, Pedro Martinez, Livan Hernadez or Mark Grudzielanek find their way to Toronto and somehow make it to another All-Star game, his record will be safe for eternity since they’re the last 4 guys who are still playing who represented Montreal in the All-Star game. ($0.18)

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  1. Agreed on the ’58 Topps. That’s one of my all-time favorite sets.

    Anyways, nice pickups.

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