Are You Ready for Some Football (Cards)?
October 3rd, 2010 by slangon

In last weeks Sunday Afternoon Football post, I mentioned that I had sent some custom cards to a few Giants players hoping to score a couple of sweet TTM’s. Instead, I ended up with a Giants Fan Pack. While I was disappointed that I didn’t get the cards back signed, the stuff in the Fan Pack was pretty cool, so I’m fine with that.

This week though, I thought I would share the cards that I sent. The all were from the new custom set that I’ve been working on on and off for the last bunch of months. Now that I finally finished the SlangKo Heroes of the Diamond set, hopefully I can turn my full attention to this new set and start showcasing more of them. In the mean time, here are the 3 Giants that I sent out last season, never to be heard from again.

#10 Eli Manning

#27 Brandon Jacobs

#82 Mario Manningham

There you have it. Three new(ish) SlangKo Kustoms. Hopefully the Giants will stop playing like idiots this week and win a damn game. Don’t they know that I watch football solely to distract myself from disappointing performances by my favorite sport teams?

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