Embarking on Another Custom Voyage
September 13th, 2010 by slangon

In case you missed it, as part of the prize package for the contest that I ran celebrating the 1st Anniversary of staring this blog, I gave away a complete set of the 2010 SlangKo Heroes of the Diamond Set. I did this first of all so I would have a kind of cool prize that people might be interested in, but also to motivate my lazy ass to finish the damn thing up already. It worked. I busted my ass and knocked off the last 15 or so in about as many days.

Overall, I’m really happy with the set, You can see the complete product here. There’s a few things that kind of bug me about it, mainly that I came up with the checklist last year, and by the time I finished the whole shebang, a lot of guys had moved teams. By my count 7 of the guys are not where they were when I finished their particular card. Thanks to laziness and a bit of lack of motivation I never bothered to fix them. If a guy got traded before I started their card, I would find someone else to fill their spot, I just didn’t feel like going back and re-doing cards that were already done.

It was a strange thing with that set. When I started it so long ago, I was really excited and into it, but then while I was still working on that one, I began thinking about my next custom set. Then I got so excited about that second set, I began to lose interest in the Heroes of the Diamond. After a while I wanted to just  start the next one. Too many times in the past however I had lost interest in a project I started and just let it fall to the wayside. I was determined not to let that happen so I forced myself to not work on the new set at all until the first one was in the bag.

Now that that has happened, I am free to resume work on the SlangKo Stars of Sport set. This one is a much larger set than the first. There’s 240 cards plus 8 checklists compared to 60 cards in the Heroes of the Diamond. This set is also not confined to baseball, like the first set was. There’s actually all sports plus some random borderline sports figures, very much in the same vein as the old Goudey Sport Kings set. The design is more or less a straight rip off… er, I mean homage to the 1934-36 National Chicle Diamond Stars set, right down to the name.

At various points I had actually finished a handful of these cards, mostly for TTM purposes. Here’s one. And another. And yet another. And one more. And another. Here’s one. There was also one that got returned unsigned.

As you can see, a large proportion of those are Mets and I will freely admit that I selfishly jammed the checklist with players that I like, so it’s very heavy on the Mets and Giants, and even the Jets. What can I say, my card set, my checklist.

Anyway, since baseball season is over for me and football only happens once a week, look out for a lot of posts involving my progress on this set in the coming months. In the mean time, speaking of the Jets, here’s one last card that I got back signed through the mail in honor of the Jets Opening Game tonight.

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