Gint-A-Cuffs: Rounds 17-18
July 20th, 2010 by slangon

We’re moving into the the third and final stack of packs. I feel a little bit like I’m just playing out the string at this point what with being 2/3 of the way through and only having 106 points. That’s okay though, maybe I’ll at least pull some cool cards. Let’s see.

Pack 17

#83 David Wright (+2 for being someone elses Favorite Player +1 for being on my Favorite Team = +3)

#299 Robinson Cano (-1 for being a Yankee of Dubious Worth)

#166 Chris Tillman

#178 Josh Hamilton

#157 Kevin Youkilis (+2 for being someone elses Favorite Player)

#AGHS12 Troy Tulowitzki Highlight Sketch (+3 for being Sketchy)

#261 Adam Jones Regular Back Mini (+3 for being a half pint version of someones FP)

#TDH57 Miguel Tejada This Day in History (+1 for telling me what happened on the day Miguel Tejada claims he was born)

Pack 18

#73 Avery Jenkins (Disc Golf Dude)

#63 Matt Carson RC

#40 Carlos Beltran (+1 for being on my favorite team)

#13 B.J. Upton

#196 Scott Baker

#314 Ivan Rodriguez SP (+2 for being short printed)

#NA46 Ring Tailed Lemur National Animals (+2 for being the Official Animal of Madagascar)

#TDH49 Justin Morneau This Day in History (+1 for being a TDH)

Those 2 packs were actually pretty good, especially Pack 17. Although I was glad about the Wright and Beltran cards, nothing else really jumped out at me. So I got a couple of packs that served me well in the points department, but I wasn’t too stoked about the cards themselves. It’s kind of funny that on the flip side, I’ve gotten packs from this box that I’ve been really happy with the cards, but they didn’t score me a whole lot. I guess that’s the nature of competition, though. Sometimes you feel like you played great but the score doesn’t necessarily reflect that. Other times you feel like you had an off day but luck happened to be on your side.

Pack 17 Total: 11
Pack 18 Total: 6
Box Total to Date: 123

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