Gint-A-Cuffs: Rounds 13-16
July 18th, 2010 by slangon

We’ve already knocked out half of the packs in this box and we’re sitting at 70 points. I’ve not been too happy thus far, but we still have 2 hits (hopefully) and the box topper left to go, so maybe this box won’t be as bad as I’ve been expecting. Let’s get to it.

Pack 13

#246 Geovany Soto

#48 Alan Francis (Horseshoe Pitching Champion)

#142 Ubaldo Jimenez

#31 Miguel Montero

#133 Nelson Cruz

#86 Andrew Bailey

#MM12 Iguanodon Monsters of the Mesozoic (+3 for being a Monster of the Mesozoic)

#TDH25 Ryan Zimmerman This Day in History (+1 for TDH)

Pack 14

#280 Koji Uehara

#209 Alex Gordon

#81 Cliff Lee

#79 James Loney

#155 Carlos Carrasco

#319 Austin Jackson SP (+2 for being short printed)

#NA14 Barbary Macaque National Animal (+2 for being a National Animal)

#TDH36 Hanley Ramirez This Day in History (+2 for being a FP +1 for TDH = +3)

Pack 15

#128 Hans Florine (Free Climb Champion)

#236 Shawn Johnson (Champion Gymnast)

#72 Erick Aybar

#285 Alex Rodriguez (-1 for being a stoopid Yankee)

Dale Davis Autograph Redemption (I’m not sure on this one so I’m giving it +15 like a regular auto until I hear from the Commish)

#82 Justin Upton Black Border Mini (+3 for being a mini with black borders)

#TDH44 B.J. Upton This Day in History (+1 for TDH)

Pack 16

#275 Clayton Kershaw (+2 for being someones favorite player)

#95 Judson Laipply (Dancer Featured in #1 Viral Video) (Are you kidding me?!)

#158 Mark Teixeira (-1 for being a Damn Yankee)

#109 Ian Kinsler

#93 Brandon Inge

#308 Adrian Beltre SP (+2 for being a SP)

#309 Casey McGehee SP Mini Regular Back (+3 for being a short printed mini)

#TDH56 Jimmy Rollins This Day in History (+1 for TDH)

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Well, I guess those few packs were a bit better than I had been doing. Hopefully that trend will continue.

Pack 13 Total: 4
Pack 14 Total: 7
Pack 15 Total: 18
Pack 16 Total: 7
Box Total to Date: 106

Yay. I broke 100.

2 Responses to “Gint-A-Cuffs: Rounds 13-16”

  1. That is one of the coolest autos!!!

    Have you read his story?

  2. @ PunkRockPaint: Yeah. When I first pulled it, I wasn’t sure if it was the bowling dude or the basketball player Dale Davis. I was hoping it would be the bowler. I’m very curious to see what an autograph from a legally blind person looks like. I saw you pulled the relic from him. That’s pretty cool, too.

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