Gint-A-Cuffs: Rounds 11-12
July 16th, 2010 by slangon

Half way through the box and we’re nowhere near breaking 100 points. I’d say that’s a good recipe for success, wouldn’t you? Here we go.

Pack 11

#179 Ben Zobrist

#242 Jules Verne

#187 Jair Jurrjens

#168 Rickie Weeks

#32 Joba Chamberlain (-1 for being a Damn Yankee)

#218 Todd Helton

#SSS3 Sir Walter Raleigh Sailors of the Seven Seas (+4 for being a Salty Dog)

Out of all the cards that I’ve gotten in this box so far, this one is by far my favorite. Hell, possibly out of all the Allen & Ginter product I’ve ever opened in my entire card collecting career this might be my favorite. That’s a bold statement, I know, but I love all things salty and this particular insert set is right up my alley. I’m just putting it out there now that I would be very interested if’n anyone out there would want to trade any of these Salty Dog inserts.

That’s all interesting about Roanoke and treason and beheadings and all, but how come there’s no mention of him fighting the giant green sea monster, like is depicted on the front of the card?

#TDH2 Stephen Drew This Day in History (+1 for teaching me the ways of the past)

Pack 12

#88 Kosuke Fukudome

#103 Niccolo Machiavelli

#61 Michael Cuddyer

#71 Hunter Pence

#42 Mark DeRosa

#350 Alcides Escobar SP (+2 for being short printed)

#263 Ruben Tejada Mini A&G Back (+1 for being a member of my favorite team + 2 for having the A&G logo on the back = +3)

#TDH19 Robinson Cano This Day In History (+1 for being a TDH -1 for being a member of a despised baseball franchise = 0)

Well, once again, I pulled some cool cards and once again the point totals of the packs do not seem to reflect that. I’m especially psyched about that Sir Walter Raleigh card and I really want to make a go at finishing out the set, which seems like it might be a little challenging. It’s funny, one of the things I always love about the Ginter releases are the mini insert sets. I always find them really interesting content-wise and they always look awesome but it never really occurred to me to try and finish one. I guess because they’re usually kind of hard to come by.

Also, once again them Damn Yankees came and pillaged some of my points. I swear, whoever first instilled that point deduction for Yankee players must be a Confederate sympathizer who’s trying to brainwash others into their cause, because I never hated Yankees so much in my life.

Pack 11 Total = 4
Pack 12 Total = 4
Box Total to Date = 70

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