Gint-A-Cuffs: Rounds 5-8
July 11th, 2010 by slangon

So apparently nobody in the Mets organization has been paying attention to my well thought-out treatise on why it is so important for them to win games against the Braves. They’ve already lost a disastrous 2 games against them, putting them 5 games behind. Hopefully Johan Santana can work his magic and at least salvage this last game of the first half. Additionally, hopefully today is the day this box shows me some love.

Pack 5

#3 Ryan Braun (+4 for being my favorite player)

#272 David Blaine

#153 Jay Bruce

#84 Elvis Andrus

#261 Adam “Not Pac-Man” Jones (+2 for being someone elses favorite player)

#244 Aaron Cook

#226 Brian McCann Mini Regular Back

#TDH47 Brandon Phillips This Day in History (+1 for being a This Day in History)

Pack 6

#131 Tyler Flowers

#17 Johan Santana (+1 for being on my favorite team)

#189 Howie Kendrick

#295 Josh Thole (+1 for being on my favorite team)

#85 Yunel Escobar

#340 Brad Lidge SP (+2 for being a short print)

#189 Howie Kendrick Mini Regular Back

#TDH31 Mark Teixeira This Day in History (+1 for being a This Day in History -1 for being a dirty, dirty Yankee =0)

Pack 7

#8 Miguel Tejada

#144 Stuart Scott

#219 Adam Wainwright

#248 Jason Marwuis

#107 Adam Dunn (+2 for having someone out there that likes you)

#29 Cole Hamels

#LO22 Nemesis (+3 for being a Lord of Olympus)

#TDH50 Alex Rodriguez This Day in History (+1 for being a This Day in History -1 for being yet another dirty, dirty Yankee =0)

Pack 8

#30 Rafael Furcal

#135 Ken Blackburn

#269 A.J. Burnett (-1 for being a jerk a Yankee)

#224 Ian Stewart

#102 Torii Hunter

#337 Joe Nathan SP (+2 for being short printed)

#NA49 Zebra National Animals (+2 for being a National Animal)

#TDH16 Carlos Gonzalez This Day in History (+1 for being a This Day in History +my eternal gratitude for not being a Yankee = +1)

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Pack 5 Total = 7
Pack 6 Total = 4
Pack 7 Total = 5
Pack 8 Total = 4
Box Total to Date = 50

I’m still having a hard time judging how well I’m doing on this box so far. I’m 1/3 of the way through it with 50 points, which at this pace would put me around 150 for the box. Actually, maybe a little higher than that since I also still have my box loader and I’m hoping that the other 2 hits won’t be Yankees. So maybe I’m looking at around 160 for the box. Somehow, that doesn’t seem like enough to win, but I guess you never know.

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