Gint-A-Cuffs: Round 4
July 8th, 2010 by slangon

Pack 4, and 1/6th of the way through the box.

#20 Sacagawea
On of the non-baseball subject sets that I’ve always liked in the various Allen & Ginter sets is the Native American subjects. It’s be cool if someone put out an entire set like that.

#268 Brad Kilby RC

#146 Carlos Lee
If you recall last year when I was collecting 2009 Allen & Ginter, Carlos Lee was that one card that I ended up with 47 doubles of every possible parallel of his card. Well considering the fact that this is the same exact image used on that card I guess that tradition is continuing.

#174 Eric Byrnes
I was going to crack wise about how I didn’t even know Byrnes was still playing ball, except someone beat me to the punch. I just can’t remember who it was.

#260 Chris Young
Although this is not the exact same picture from Chris Young’s 2009 Ginter card, it is awfully close.

#306 Brandon Phillips SP (+2 for being Short Printed)
I’m glad to finally get some points in this pack, but did it have to be the dude that single handedly killed the Mets the past series?

#206 J.D. Drew Mini Regular Back
You know, I was going to bring up the fact that I thought it was a little weird that we don’t get any points for regular back mini’s, but then I remembered it was J.D. Drew and decided to be be grateful I’m not losing any points.

#TDH66 Curtis Granderson This Day in History (+1 for being This Day in History -1 for being a Damn Yankee = 0)
I guess I spoke too soon. We’ll at least it works out to a zero rather than negative points.

Pack Total = 2
Box Total to Date = 30

The only hope that I have for this box is that the first 4 packs have been so bleeeargh that the rest of the box has to get better. It just has to. Doesn’t it?

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