Some Birthday Cards
June 30th, 2010 by slangon

Last Saturday happened to be the 36th anniversary of the day that Derek Jeter popped out of his momma’s womb. It also happened to be the 36th anniversary of the day that I popped out of my momma’s womb. My wifey was cool enough to give me a blaster, a cereal box and a rack pack all of 2010 Topps Series 2.

Let’s start off with the rack pack. (I marked the cards I needed with an *)

#343 Brian Bruney
#387 Josh Fields
#434 Kevin Slowey
#533 Gary Matthews Jr.

I already have this particular card, but I decided to post it just because I’m so overcome with joy at the fact that the Mets have finally seen the light and cut Gary loose. Good luck in you next spot, Junior. Don’t let the doorknob hit you where the good lord split you.

#643 Michael Young
#534 Hideki Okajima
*#461 Tyson Ross RC
#392 Carlos Monasterios RC
#331 Ryan Braun

Again, this is a card I already got, but I decided to post it because I thought it was a pretty cool looking photo. Also I like that giant red face lurking behind Ryan. (I also posted this because Ryan Braun is my Favorite Player in the upcoming Gint-A-Cuffs, so maybe putting this up will give me a little extra mojo.)

#602 Kansas City Royals FH
*#339 Jose Reyes

I absolutely love this photo of Jose safely sliding into third. That’s just such a classic Jose moment, plus it’s awesome how both him and Wes Helms are looking expectantly at the ump to see what the call was. Additionally I like that umpire could be calling Jose safe, or he could be doing the Koko B. Ware dance.

Felix Hernandez Attax
#484 Mike Fontenot
#396 Jake Westbrook

I’m sure most everybody has heard the Mets are semi-involved in trade talks with Seattle to get Cliff Lee basically as a Rent-A-Player. Westbrook’s name has been tossed around as a possible back-up plan. I don’t know how I feel about trading for a pitcher that your team just recently beat up on.

#447 Jeremy Guthrie
#511 Chicago Cubs FH
#380 J.D. Drew
#426 Mark Reynolds
#406 Jeff Francis
#468 Delmon Young
#541 Jason Motte
#617 Luis Valbuena
#504 Jeff Mathis
#648 Brian Fuentes
#372 Philadelphia Phillies FH
#652 Chipper Jones

I keep hearing people ask the question that since this is most likely Chippers last year, should he get an All-Star team nod just as a sort of “Lifetime Achievement” thing. One one hand, I understand the feeling behind that idea and it’s kind of cool, but on the other hand, isn’t that what the Hall of Fame is for? Especially now, that the All-Star Game “means something”, wouldn’t you want to run out the best possible roster you could instead of giving a roster spot to a guy who’s not exactly having an All-Star type year?

#CMT89 Steve Carlton

I still don’t think I like this insert set. I’d rather just have an ’82 Steve Carlton.

#HWS3 Babe Ruth

I’m really torn on this set. I really like the idea behind it, since I’m a huge fan of baseball history, especially that of the World Series. I just don’t really like the way it looks. I guess it’s not that bad. I will give Topps extra props for showing The Babe as a pitcher rather than a slugger. He still holds the World Series Record for inning pitched in a single WS game, with 14.

#TMC-16 Mickey Mantle

Sweet, a Code Card. You want to know what I got for this? Garbage. That’s officially the worst card I’ve gotten in the Giveaway so far.

#PP-59 Derek Jeter

I guess it’s appropriate that I’d pull a Jeter on Jeter’s birthday. I like these Peak Performance cards so much better when they’re old-timey players, though.

#TR70 Jakie Robinson

Although I love all things Turkey Red, this is one of the best looking Turkey Reds I’ve seen to date. It seems so much more like a painting that a lot of the other ones. If this thing was like 6 feet by 4 feet, I’d buy a house with a super-sized fireplace just so I could hang it over the mantle. Plus it’s Jackie.

#585 Dioner Navarro
#631 Marc Rzepczynski
*#519 Alexi Casilla
#621 Aaron Cook
#521 Jeremy Bonderman

Well, there were some pretty cool cards in that pack, especially among the inserts, but I gotta say, only getting 3 base cards that I need out of 36 cards is a bit of a bummer. Oh well, hopefully I’ll do a bit more damage to the old wantlist with the blaster and the cereal box. And once I get done busting and sorting those, I’ll post up some sort of trade list for whatever doubles I end up with. Stay tuned…

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  1. Happy (belated) Birthday! You pulled some very sweet cards there!! I agree, the Robinson is Turkey Red the way they all should be. Nice!

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