Card of the Moment #41
July 29th, 2010 by slangon

1958 Topps #157 Dee Fondy

Before I get into Dee Fondy, I just want to point out that I love the fact that this card lists the team as the “Cincinnati Redlegs” rather than just the “Cincinnati Reds”. On the local New York sports talk radio station, WFAN 660AM, theres a guy I like to listen to named Steve Somers. One thing I love about him is that he always refers to the Mets as “the Metropolitans”. I think as many teams as possible should revert back to these more old-timey sounding names. The A’s should always be referred to as The Athletics. The Boston and Chicago A.L. teams should be wearing Stockings, not Sox. While we’re at it, the A.L. should be referred to as the Junior Circuit while the N.L. will be called the Senior Circuit. Baseball needs more old-timey-ness.

Anyway, on to Dee Fondy.

Dee Virgil Fondy played in the Majors from 1951 to 1958 for the Cubs, the Pirates and the Reds. Out of the 967 games he appeared in, 783 of them were as a member of the Chicago Northsiders. He had a career .286 batting average with 69 homers and 373 runs batted in. In a moment of pure symmetry, he retired with exactly 1000 hits, getting his 1000th 8 days before the last game he ever played. It was a first inning single off of Cubs pitcher Marcelino Solis.

Fondy came up in the Dodgers organization as a highly touted slugging first baseman. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t have much room to move up as that position was already filled by some guy named Gilbert Hodges. He was traded to the Cubs along with Chuck Conners of The Rifleman fame. After being sent to Pittsburgh mid way through the 1957 season, he was traded to the Reds straight up for Ted “No Sleeves” Kluszewski.

Dee’s little Footnote to History moment came on September 24, 1957 while he was a member of The Pirates. In the top of the 9th inning in an away game against the Dodgers, he became the last man to ever bat at Ebbets field. He grounded out to shortstop Don Zimmer. The Dodgers won that game 2-0.

There’s a couple of things that I like about the back of this card. First of all, it’s pretty awesome that Dee’s birthday is on Halloween. That’s one of my favorite holidays and I think it would be pretty awesome that have that day as a birthday. Secondly, I like the cartoon of the marauding pirates being led in their charge by that red guy. I also like that it seems as if that lead pirate chopped the top of the pitchers head off. Lastly, I love that in the little biographical blurb, the refer to the Reds as “the Rhinelanders”. I have never heard that expression as applied to the Cincinnati baseball team before. Apparently around the turn of the century (the 20th century, not the 21st), the Reds were often referred to as “The Rhinelanders” because of the German heritage of much of the cities population.

So in another moment of symmetry, we started this post talking about old-timey sounding team names and we end it talking about old-timey sounding team names.

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  1. Fred McGriff’s birthday is Halloween as well.

  2. Love the part about the Rhinelanders. I’ve never heard that before. Maybe we can start calling L.A., the Trolley Dodgers again.

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