Another in a Long Line…
June 11th, 2010 by slangon

…of one hitters.

Jon Niese pitched a brilliant game for the Mets last night to split the double header and take the series from the Padres. He thew 108 pitches over 9 innings, allowing 1 hit and no walks while striking out 6. In the 2 games since his return from the DL for a tweaked hamstring, he’s gone 2-0, giving up 1 run in 16 innings. Very impressive.

I think it’s common knowledge that in the Mets 48+ year history, no one has ever thrown a no-hitter. You look at the names of some of the guys who’ve pitched for them and it’s a little unbelievable that no one has done it in over 48 years. Seaver, Gooden, Koosman, Glavine, Pedro, Cone, Viola, Santana, Ryan. A bunch of those guys have thrown no-no’s, just not while wearing the blue and orange.

Although no Met has ever thrown a no-hitter, Jon is in some pretty good company with his one-hit game. Thirty four times in franchise history there’s been a one-hitter, with 24 of those being of the complete game variety.

Pitcher Date Score Broken Up By
Al Jackson June 22, 1962 .45’s 0, NYM 2 Joey Amalfitano Single in 1st
Jack Hamilton May 4, 1966 NYM 8, STL 0 Ray Sadecki Bunt Single in 4th
Tom Seaver July 9, 1969 CHC 0 , NYM 4 Jimmy Qualls Single in 9th (1 out)
Nolan Ryan April 18, 1970 PHI 0, NYM 7 Denny Doyle Single in 1st
Gary Gentry May 13, 1970 NYM 4, CHC 0 Ernie Banks Single in 8th
Tom Seaver May 15, 1970 NYM 4, PHI 0 Mike Compton Single in 3rd
Gary Gentry April 18, 1971 PIT 2, NYM 5 Roberto Clemente Triple in 6th
Tom Seaver September 26, 1971 PIT 1, NYM 3 Vic Davalillo Single in 7th
Tom Seaver July 4, 1972 SDP 0, NYM 2 Leron Lee Single in 9th (1 out)
Jon Matlack July 10, 1973 HOU 0, NYM 1 Tommy Helms Double in 6th
Jon Matlack June 29, 1974 STL 0, NYM 6 John Curtis Double in 3rd
Tom Seaver April 17, 1977 CHC 0, NYM 6 Steve Ontiveros Single in 5th
Terry Leach October 1, 1982 NYM 1, PHI 0 (in 10) Luis Aguayo Triple in 5th
Dwight Gooden September 7, 1984 CHC 0, NYM 10 Keith Moreland Single in 5th
David Cone August 29, 1988 SDP 0, NYM 6 Tony Gwynn Double in 4th
Pete Schourek September 10, 1991 MON 0, NYM 9 Kenny Williams Single in 5th
David Cone September 20, 1991 NYM 1, STL 0 Felix Jose Double in 8th
Bobby J. Jones October 8, 2000 (NLDS) SFG 0, NYM 4 Jeff Kent Double in 5th
Shawn Estes April 26, 2002 MIL 0, NYM 1 Eric Young Single in 7th
Steve Trachsel June 15, 2003 NYM 8, ANA 0 David Eckstein Double in 6th
Steve Trachsel August 18, 2003 COL 0, NYM 8 Chin-Hui Tsao Double in 6th
Tom Glavine May 23, 2004 COL 0, NYM 4 Kit Pellow Double in 8th
Aaron Heilman April 15, 2005 FLA 0, NYM 4 Luis Castillo Single in 4th
Jonathon Niese June 10, 2010 SDP 0, NYM 3 Chris Denordia Double in 2nd

In addition to these complete game, one pitcher one-hitters, the Mets have thrown 6 combined one-hitters in which the Mets won, 2 combined one-hitters in which the Mets lost, and 2 rain-shortened one-hitters.

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  1. Nice post, it reminded me of the Armando Galaragga game and how the Tigers have never had a official perfect game pitched…well, 28 up, 28 down is pretty good…the Mets will have a no-hitter one day, just keep the faith.

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