2010 Topps Series 2 Hobby Box, Part 10
June 6th, 2010 by slangon

The finale.

Pack 33 (Cobb):

391 Manny Parra
397 Colorado Rockies TC
577 Jason Jaramillo
375 Mike Leake RC
429 Seth Smith
WSH14 Jim Palmer
TR67 Grady Sizemore

596 Brendan Ryan
358 Mark Buehrle
Matt Holliday Attax

Okay, so out of the 9 Cobb packs that I got in this box I got 8 Turkey Red cards. Out of the other 24 packs that were not of the Tyrus R. Cobb variety, I got zero Turkey Reds. Coincidence?

Pack 34 (Pedroia):

468 Delmon Young
541 Jason Motte
357 Scott Downs
470 New York Yankees TC
CMT61 Al Kaline
VLC3 Reggie Jackson
You Sketch It card

525 David Huff
610 Alex Gordon
532 Hunter Pence
Derrek Lee Attax

Hmm. Here’s another interesting thing. If you recall, I ended up with 10 Pedroia packs and only 8 Babe Ruth backs. I’m not 100% positive that there’s supposed to be an even number of each type of pack, but I sort of get that impression. So I’m assuming that I got shorted out of a Ruth pack and got an extra Pedroia pack. Every card in this Pedroia pack, with the lone exception of that Al Kaline, was a double that I pulled elsewhere in this box. Now I haven’t busted too many boxes in my time, but in the few boxes I have busted, I don’t really remember getting doubles.

Pack 35 (Mantle):

514 Rafael Soriano
479 Chris Carpenter
485 Jesus Flores
361 Washington Nationals TC
CMT112 Andre Ethier
PP-98 Victor Martinez

488 Delwyn Young
417 Dallas Braden
373 Clint Barmes
Alex Rodriguez Attax

Man, I know Mantle has already been eliminated, but it seems like his heart just wasn’t into this box.

And finally…

Pack 36 (Ruth):

338 Brett Cecil
374 Scott Feldman
544 Kevin Kouzmanoff
524 Dusty Hughes RC
543 Adam Jones / Nick Markakis CL
LL-35 Al Kaline / Miguel Cabrera
TMC-14 Ichiro

532 Hunter Pence
592 Brian Roberts
Max Scherzer Attax

Well, at least The Babe went out on a high note. I particularly like that Orioles checklist card.

Those two look like a couple of hooligans waiting around to jack someone up for their lunch money. Or maybe their waiting until no one is looking so that they can tag up that brick wall.

An all around decent pack. But was it enough to take Cobb in the end?

The Verdict:

This was actually a tough call. I really like that Kaline card, but the inclusion of all doubles really hurt Pedroia on that pack. In the end, I’m saying Ruth, Cobb, Dustin and Mickey, all in that order.

Final tally:

Cobb – 36
Ruth – 33
Pedroia – 21
Mantle – 12

So congrats to all those Ty Cobb wrappers that are now residing in my garbage can. Ruth, you put up a valiant fight, but you too are now in the bottom of my garbage can along with your 7 twins. Dustin, what can I say, my man? Luck is a bitch. Off to the garbage can with you. And Mickey. That was a pathetic performance. It’s the garbage can for you as well.

Well, I was a little disappointed with my big hit. If anyone out there is interested in an Aaron Hill Relic, let me know. I’d gladly trade it away for just about anything. I guess the good thing about busting a box of a product that you’re actually trying to finish is that if you get a bum hit, you still got a bunch of cards you needed. Also, getting that Rookie Redemption took a lot of the sting out of it as well. I’ll keep you posted on who the Mysterious #4 is.

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  1. I really enjoyed this series of posts, it was fun to see what you got and how you made the game out of it. Good pulls too.

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