2010 Topps Series 2 Hobby Box, Part 9
June 4th, 2010 by slangon

We’re down to the final 2 Rounds. Pedroia and Mantle are out of the picture and Cobb’s got some work to do to stay in the race with Ruth. Let’s see what happens.

Pack 29 (Ruth):

345 Chris Volstad
515 Seattle Mariners FH
650 Dustin Pedroia
433 Julio Borbon
558 Ronnie Paulino
HWS6 Mickey Mantle
LL-34 Eddie Mathews / Chipper Jones

639 Los Angeles Dodgers TC
542 Heath Bell
Ian Kinsler Attax

Man, Babe Ruth has been kind of a jerk in this little box breaking competition. The round right after he eliminates Dustin and Mickey he spits out a Dustin card and a Mickey card. Harsh.

Pack 30 (Cobb):

586 Roy Oswalt
423 Brad Bergesen
402 J.P. Howell
442 Dan Runzler
CMT66 Warren Spahn
TR60 Al Kaline
4 Red Hot Rookie Redemptions

511 Chicago Cubs
380 J.D. Drew
Stephen Drew Attax

Woah. I wasn’t expecting that Rookie Redemption. I do believe that counts as a hit, which means that Cobb wins this round and is right back in the running. I must say though, Cobb probably out hit Ruth anyway just on the strength of that Spahn and Kaline, plus he keeps up his Turkey Red run. Actually that’s pretty exciting for me. That’s the first redemption card that I’ve ever gotten, ever. I know people tend to complain about them, but I’m still really excited about it. I wonder who it is.

Pack 31 (Mantle):

340 John Buck
406 Jeff Francis
636 Evan Longoria / B.J. Upton
467 Fausto Carmona
455 St. Louis Cardinals FH
456 Clayton Richard Gold Border 0818/2010
PP-82 Yogi Berra

439 Emilio Bonifacio
526 Carlos Guillen
B.J. Upton Attax

A kind of middle of the road pack for The Mick. I see why he’s sitting dead last. Although I do kind of like that Clayton Richard card. He’s got CRAZZZZY eyes.

Pack 32 (Pedroia):

388 Joel Pineiro
505 Andy Marte
550 Freddy Garcia
482 Mike McCoy
470 New York Yankees TC
624 Carlos Beltran Gold Border 1595/2010
VLC25 Honus Wagner

396 Jake Westbrook
447 Jeremy Guthrie
Torri Hunter Attax

Finally a Gold Border card that I want. Also, I heard some encouraging news about Carlos. I’ve got to say though, at this point there’s been so many set back and so little little progress that I’m a little skeptical. The day I look at the starting line-up and see him penciled in there is the day I’ll get excited about it. Although Pagan has been playing so well, it’ll be a bit of a quandary as to what to do. I’ve heard people calling for Frenchy to be benched and play Pagan in right, but Francoeur has been lighting it up recently as well. Oh well. I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. Also, 1990 Topps has always been one of my least favorite designs. I think I can honestly say it is my #1 least favorite. Somehow, though, throwing Honus Wagner up on that pile of crap makes it not bother me.

The Verdict:

Well, even without the Rookie Redemption card, I think Cobb would’ve taken first, but now he’s getting 10 points instead of 4. Pedroia sneaks into 2nd with Beltran and Wagner. It was a tough call between The Babe and The Mick, but I think Babe takes it by a belly.

With 1 round left to play, here’s our score:

Cobb – 33
Ruth – 29
Pedroia – 19
Mantle – 11

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  1. Love the crazy eyes! Nice rip!

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  3. […] 2010 Topps Series 2 Hobby Box, Part 9 […]

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  5. I pulled a Beltran black border in my box… Let me know if you want it.

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