2010 Topps Series 2 Hobby Box, Part 8
June 3rd, 2010 by slangon

So we begin Round 7.

Pack 25 (Pedroia):

403 Jimmy Rollins
569 Jacoby Ellsbury
453 Jesse English RC
486 Raul Ibanez
CMT102 Babe Ruth
VLC10 Babe Ruth

595 Mike Lowell
413 J.J. Hardy
523 Phil Coke
Jason Bay Attax

Well, well. If you recall, way back in Round 2, in an odd turn of events, Dustin helped Babe to a strong round. Now it seems as if Babe has returned the favor.

Pack 26 (Cobb):

495 Carlos Pena
437 Luke Hochevar
363 Joba Chamberlain
395 Jenrry Mejia
480 Boston Red Sox
HWS22 Alex Gonzalez
TR54 Andrew McCutchen
450 Omir Santos

386 Dan Haren
Pablo Sandoval Attax

My my. It seems like everyone is bringing their A Game in Round 7. Not 1, but 2 Mets and the Turkey Red Dominance is kept alive.

Pack 27 (Ruth):

468 Delmon Young
510 Justin Upton / Mark Reynolds CL
CMT78 Frank Robinson
LL-47 Frank Robinson / Ryan Braun
PPR-AH Aaron Hill Jersey Relic

619 Mike Napoli
611 Josh Outman
Alex Rodriguez Attax

Hmm. The guaranteed hit shows it’s ugly head. If I had known it was going to be an Aaron Hill jersey, I might’ve forgone the special scoring for the box hit. Oh well, I guess the rules is the rules. The Bambino takes the round, getting 10 points instead of 4. Thanks to a Aaron Hill jersey. Yeah. Actually, he might’ve had a shot anyway with that double dose of Frank Robinson, so let’s not mope too much. Moving on.

Pack 28 (Mantle):

347 Aaron Harang
398 Carlos Gonzalez
385 Torii Hunter
601 Blake DeWitt
462 Alcides Escobar
PP-69 Ryan Zimmerman
T12 Chris Coghlan

426 Mark Reynolds
499 Michael Bowden
Josh Johnson Attax

Although Mickey didn’t produce anything earth shattering, he might’ve had a shot thanks to Zimmerman and Hunter. I’ve always like Ryan Zimmerman a lot, and I’ve become a big fan of Torii Hunter ever since I saw this card.

The Verdict:

As much as I don’t like the ruling, Babe Ruth wins this round by default. Cobb probably would’ve won, but instead takes 2nd. I’m giving Mantle 3rd for selfish reasons, which leaves Pedroia out in the cold after a very exciting start to the round.

At the 7th Inning Stretch, we ‘re looking like this:

Ruth – 27
Cobb – 23
Pedroia – 16
Mantle – 10

Pedroia and Mantle are mathematically eliminated at this point. Cobb needs to come in first the next 2 rounds to have a shot at the Sultan of Swat. This is getting exciting.

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  1. I’d love to work out a deal for that Aaron Hill jersey if you are willing to part with it.

  2. for selfish reasons I am putting mantle as number one with his triple crown season and his many great batting years where Ruth was great at any position he played he would be listed 2nd and Cobb at 3rd place with pedroia 4th

  3. my first pick would be
    2nd pick
    3rd pick
    4th pick

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