2010 Topps Series 2 Hobby Box, Part 6
June 1st, 2010 by slangon

On to Round 5.

Pack 17 (Cobb):

491 Rafael Furcal
356 Angels FH
435 Nelson Cruz
575 Ryan Perry
410 Oakland A’s TC
HWS9 Bob Feller
TR62 Troy Tulowitzki

500 Brad Lidge
414 Sean West
Matt Kemp Attax

Hmm. Another Cobb pack, another Turkey Red. I guess that actually makes a bit of sense, since Ty Cobb was the only one of the 4 to actually appear on a Turkey Red card back in the day.

Pack 18 (Ruth):

516 Marlon Byrd
573 Johan Santana
487 Dan Uggla
552 Chris Tillman
566 Maicer Izturis
LL-60 Ryne Sandberg / Chase Utley
TMC-11 Roy Campanella

605 A.J. Pierzynski
633 Daniel Bard
Lance Berkman Attax

Nice pack for Ruth this round. Not only did he cough up a Met, but he coughed up a Santana. I’m not sure if Johan had any shot at the Hall of Fame after his career is over, but apparently joining the Mets did not seem to help his cause. He’s won 33 games since coming to Queens, but I can’t help but think that that number might be much higher if he played on a team who actually scores a few runs for him.

Pack 19 (Mantle):

438 Jason Bartlett
584 Matt Capps
359 Aramis Ramirez
513 Scott Sizemore RC
652 Chipper Jones
PP-93 Robin Roberts
T3 Andre Ethier

348 Jordan Zimmerman
390 Ervin Santana
Justin Morneau Attax

Nice little pack for The Mick. He could use it, too. He’s not doing so well so far. By the way, I think I’ve officially decided that those “future Topps” cards are dumb. That’s a pretty awesome photo on that Chipper card, by the way. It’s funny, as a Met fan, I’ve always hated Chipper. I mean HATED him. Now that he’s winding down, though, and he doesn’t hurt us on as much of a regular basis, I think I can start to appreciate the guy. Don’t tell him though.

Pack 20 (Pedroia):

657 Chris Young
561 Ryan Zimmerman
530 Steve Pearce
609 Jeff Suppan
545 Fred Lewis
594 Andy LaRoche Gold Border 1600/2010
VLC2 Johnny Mize

401 Chad Billingsley
466 Jered Weaver
Billy Butler Attax

A nice pack for Pedroia, too. Ryan Zimmerman is one of my favorite non-Met players playing today. I was very impressed with him for signing a long-term contract with the Nationals when he probably could’ve signed anywhere else. Of course, now that really looks like a great decision that they’re starting to turn into a nice young team that looks like they’ll be competing for a long time. That Mize card is pretty sweet too. So far, these Vintage Legends seem to be a little hit or miss, but that one is defiantly a hit.

The Verdict:

Well, I think I gotta give this round to The Babe. A code card plus Johan is pretty strong. The other 3 were fairly good packs too, but Dustin gets 2nd thanks to Zimmerman and that Mize card, followed by Cobb and his Feller and Turkey Red and then Mantle. Sorry Mick. It was a nice pack, but not nice enough.

Also, I just realized that we’re over half way through the box and the guaranteed hit has still not shown up. I actually prefer it that way. I kind of hate busting a box and the hit turns up in the first pack or two. It kind of makes the rest of the box anti-climatic for me. I also decided that whoever has the hit will automatically win that round, regardless of how terrible the rest of the pack is and will get 10 points for the round instead of the usual 4.

So our score after 5 rounds stands thusly:

Cobb – 17
Ruth – 15
Pedroia – 11
Mantle – 7

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