2010 Topps Series 2 Hobby Box, Part 3
May 30th, 2010 by slangon

Here we go with round 2. The one problem with this round was that I realized that there were 9 Mickey Mantle Packs, 9 Ty Cobb packs, only 8 Babe Ruths and 10 Dustin Pedroias. Therefore, if I want to stick to my plan of 9 rounds of Cobb vs. Ruth vs. Mantle vs. Pedroia, I gotta do some substituting, which if you look close, I already did. I had to use that extra Pedroia as that missing Ruth, so to tell which Pedroia was standing in for Ruth, I did some doctoring.

So since Cobb won that last round, he leads off.

Pack 5 (Cobb):

567 Mike Pelfrey
493 Travis Ishikawa
357 Scott Downs
365 Logan Ondrusek
478 Conor Jackson
TR63 Nate McLouth
TMC-20 Carl Yastrzemski

660 Brandon McCarthy
585 Dioner Navarro
Joey Votto Attax

Pretty sweet pack. My first Met, and it happens to Mike Pelfrey, who has stepped it up immensely so far this season. Also another Turkey Red and another Code Card.

Pack 6 (Pedroia):

541 Jason Motte
617 Luis Valbuena
343 Brian Bruney
504 Jeff Mathis
640 Matt Diaz
VLC1 Lou Gehrig
T10 Evan Longoria

634 Casey Kotchman
354 Evan Longoria
Ian Kinsler Attax

I think I take back what I said about them Vintage Legends cards. I’ve gotten 2 so far and they both look incredible. Also, you can’t go wrong with a double dose of Evan Longoria.

Pack 7 (Mantle):

441 Clete Thomas
367 Wandy Rodriguez
512 Scott Shields
428 Baltimore Orioles FH
CMT81 Willie McCovey
PP-97 Thurmon Munson

631 Marc Rzepczynski
519 Alexi Casilla
621 Aaron Cook
Alexi Ramirez Attax

Well, the McCovey and Munson cards are cool, but outside of them, not so much going on for the Mick. We’ll see.

Pack 8 (Pedroia standing in for Ruth):

409 Kosuke Fukudome
333 Ryan Ludwick
392 Carlos Monasterios
637 Babe Ruth / Lou Gehrig CL
600 Hanley Ramirez
578 Aaron Rowand Gold Border 1849/2010

VLC3 Reggie Jackson
560 Ryan Rowland-Smith
615 Justin Verlander
Derrek Lee Attax

Ouch. That’s got to burn up Dustin Pedroia. He fills in for Ruth, and then ends up doing better for Ruth than he did for himself.

The Verdict:

Well, this one was a bit closer than Round 1, but again I think I got to give it to Cobb. He coughed up my first Met along with another Turkey Red and another Code Card. As I said above, if I were Pedroia, I’d be pissed, because he did better for Ruth than he did for himself. He was able to overshadow The Mick, thanks to that Gehrig and that double dose of Longoria. So that puts us at Cobb – Ruth – Pedroia – Mantle.

Our points after 2 rounds:

Cobb – 8
Pedroia – 5
Ruth – 4
Mantle – 3

Stay tuned. Round 3 is on it’s way.

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