Building My Case
May 25th, 2010 by slangon

Exhibit A: So far, a 1/4 of the way through the 2010 Baseball Season, Johan Santana and Mike Pelfrey have unsurprisingly emerged as the top 2 pitchers on the Mets staff. Coincidentally, during a series against the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park on April 30th through May 2nd, the 2 of them threw back-to-back stinkers, giving up a combined total of 16 runs over the course of 7.2 innings. By contrast, in the other 18 games that the 2 of them pitched, they gave up a total of 27 runs in 112.1 innings. That’s good for a difference of 18.78 ERA for the 2 of them in those 2 games in Philly, versus 2.16 ERA in all their other games.


Exhibit B: Johan Santana in particular, felt that he was somehow tipping his pitches in Philly and that is what led to the worst outting of his career. In the 4 games that he’s started since then, he’s adjusted his delivery accordingly and has given up 8 runs in 29.1 innings for a 2.45 ERA.

Exhibit C: 8 days after Johan Santana threw said stinker, FSN Rocky Mountain in Colorado caught Philadelphia bullpen coach Mick Billmeyer using binoculars to “monitor the defensive positioning of Rockies catcher Miguel Olivo”.

Exhibit D: FSN Rocky Mountain also caught Phillies center fielder Shane “The Spyin’ Hawaiian” Victorino on the bullpen phone shortly after showing Billmeyer and his binoculars. Phillies starter Kyle Kendrick had given up a run in the 1st inning, but at the point in the game that Victorino was making his call to the bullpen, he had only thrown 17 pitches, so I doubt that it was necessary to warm up a reliever. I also was not aware that center fielders were in the habit of helping the coaching staff perform those types of duties.

Exhibit E: (This really doesn’t have anything to do with anything. I just think it’s funny) When confronted by reporters, Philadelphia manager Charlie “Not Jerry” Manual replied “Somebody ought to check on the Mets… because their … home record is out of this world and they’re losing on the road.”

I rest my case.

Actually, I don’t really rest my case. I just wanted to add that as much as I hate saying that a late May series is a must-win for the Mets, I really think this series with the Phils is must-win. After all the bad feelings in Mets-dom over the last few years, and the up and down season so far, the team is really in a position to make up for a lot of their poor performance to this point.

I mean, yeah they’re in last place, but realistically, there’s only a slim game and a half separating last place from 2nd place in the N.L. East. And yeah, they’ve played pretty damn poorly since going on that tear in mid to late April, but realistically they’re still only 1 game below .500. Actually, if they’re able to pull out a win against the Phillies tonight and get back to .500, the N.L. East will be the only division in baseball where all the teams are .500 or better. I’m not saying they need to sweep Philly, but taking 2 out 3 from them after coming off of taking 2 out 3 from the Yankees would do a lot to get people to start feeling good about this team again.

Okay, now I rest my case. Let’s go Mets!

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