The Most Fun I’ve Had With eBay in a While, Part I
May 24th, 2010 by slangon

I’ve been winning a bunch of eBay auctions lately and putting some pretty good dents in my Mets want lists in the process. The good thing is that many of the cards I’ve been scoring are some of the bigger stars from the different older team sets, so it’s been good to get them out of the way, especially since I’ve been doing it on the cheap. The other good thing that I’ve been doing lately is picking up other vintage cards that I don’t necessarily need along with the ones I do need for practically nothing.

I recently won a couple of auctions from the same seller. They happened to be selling a bunch of 9 card lots, each from a specific year. There was one card in particular that I was looking for in one of the lots and the bid that I put on it was cheaper than what I had seen that one card going for, plus I was getting 8 other cards. Aside from winning that auction, I won 2 others, both for about $2. All in all, for around $8, or the price of 3 modern packs, I ended up with 27 vintage cards.

What made these lots so fun was that I kind of didn’t really pay too much attention to the cards that were included, so by the time I got them in hand I pretty much forgot what cards I was getting, outside of the fact that they were all vintage. It was almost like opening old packs, without dropping a couple of hundred bucks.

Today I’m going to cover the lot that was 9 cards from the 1960 set.

None of the cards that came in this lot were anything special, but since I am collecting the 1960 set, getting 9 cards for $2.32 was pretty awesome. By the way, I’m not sure when Topps started in on their airbrushing tactics, but judging by that Johnny Callison card, it must’ve been after 1960. Although I don’t understand why they had a photo of Johnny in a Phillies uniform for the black and white portrait, but not one for the color portrait.

By the way, I mentioned last time I played Name That Stadium how I thought it was weird that so many of the cards were taken in Comiskey Park. I find it weirder that that Callison card, which shows him in a White Sox uniform, isn’t in Comiskey Park. I actually can’t figure out what stadium that is. None of the stadiums that I looked at had that weird tower thing. It looks too big to be a spring training facility, so I don’t know. I do think that Red Wilson is at Comiskey Park, judging by them windows.

I also got a couple of coaches cards.

More disembodied heads. Awesome. Is it just me, or does Don Heffner look a bit like his namesake?

Finally, we have Larry Sherry’s rookie card. I was really impressed with Larry. His World Series stats include a 2-0 record, 2 saves and a 0.71 ERA. Not bad for a rookie with so much pink on his baseball card.

That does it for the eBay fun for today. I’ve got two more lots worth of cards to show coming up.

2 Responses to “The Most Fun I’ve Had With eBay in a While, Part I”

  1. That is quite a take for a little over 2 bucks. I really like the Red Wilson card and you can’t go wrong with a Sherry rookie card. I love the backgrounds on the ’60s. I think Heritage missed out on those. The one thing I don’t like about the set is the floating head coaches. I have heard “they gave me nightmares” from so many people who saw those cards as kids… I hope someday to have a double from that set and be able to trade with you. Oh, you probably already mentioned this, but as a Mets fan why did you pick a set two years before their existence? I collect ’65 which is 33 years before my fav teams existence…

  2. You know, I never really thought about the fact that I decided to collect a set that doesn’t have any cards of my favorite team. That’s a good question. I guess when I decided to full on collect the ’60 set, I more made that decision based on the design of the cards. I knew I wanted to make a go at collecting a full vintage set. I figured trying to collect a set from the 50’s would’ve been insane. Although I do like a bunch of 60’s sets that would’ve included the Mets (’63, ’65, ’67) I think I just liked the 1960 set more. Also, right now I keep my 1960 cards in one binder and my vintage Mets in another. If I went for a vintage set that had Mets in it I would’ve drove my obsessive compulsive ass crazy trying to figure out how to file the cards.

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