Trading a 1988 Astros Team Leaders for a 1952 Mickey Mantle, Part III
May 15th, 2010 by slangon

Last we left off, I had worked my way up to a 1985 Rod Carew. That’s a pretty good step up from a 1988 Astro’s Team Leaders, no? Well, I didn’t stop at Mr. Carew. Three more trades have been processed.

First off, I sent Rod packing in exchange for an ’83 Fergie Jenkins.

After a while, Fergie was sent on his merry was in exchange for a 1984 Season Highlights card featuring not 1 but 3 Hall of Famers.

I was actually pretty surprised at how long it took to move the Fergie Jenkins card. He sat in my virtual collection for 2 weeks. I thought it was a pretty cool card. In fact, I was actually contemplating stopping this little experiment there since I don’t have that card and I actually like it quite a bit. The Highlights card did not stick around for very long however.

Someone quickly snatched that card up in exchange for an ’83 Eddie Murray, which is also a pretty sweet card.

So that’s where we stand now, almost 3 months and 10 trades later.

I’m not sure if I’m officially out of the junk wax era yet, but I gotta say, “owning” a 1983 Eddie Murray sure feels a lot better than that Astro’s card.

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  1. This is a really cool project. I feel like it’s almost like trading in one of the Madden games…incremental steps up…

    Where do you go from here? Vintage common or coveted other early ’80s star card?

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