Let’s See How Many Mets Related Blogs Can Use the Post Title “Remember the Maine”
April 29th, 2010 by slangon

So the Mets finished up a very successful home stand yesterday, completing a 3 game sweep of the Dodgers with a 7-3 victory. They went 9-1 on said home stand, finishing it out with a 7 game winning streak after sweeping both the Braves and the Dodgers. After the off day today, they head into Philadelphia in first place.

While I am of course ecstatic with the results, I am more happy with the way they’ve gone about winning these games.

Both the starting and relief pitching has been at times dominant, but even when it was clear that a particular pitcher did not have his best stuff, they somehow muscled up and worked their way through it. While that may not seem like a big deal to most, more times than I care to remember a Mets pitcher has gotten into a spot of trouble and just completely melted down, turning a bad inning into an insurmountable deficit. It was good to see them get into a jam and either get out of it unscathed, or with minimal damage.

It’s also been refreshing to see them a) play some pretty sparkling defense, and b) actually take full advantage of blunders on the part of the opposition. Again, too many times in the past have we seen the Mets lose games that they clearly should’ve won simply because they were not focused in the field. I feel like we’ve also seen them lose games that the other team was desperately trying to give away by not capitalizing on poor play by the opposing defense.

Another highlight of the home stand for me, and I’m sure most other Mets fans, has been watching Ike Davis. He may not be Jason Heyward, but he’s been fun to watch and has seemingly made a positive impact on the team.

Lastly, it would seem that several key guys are starting to turn it around and contribute the way that team really needs them to. John Maine actually had a good outting. Jason Bay, aside from hitting his first homer as a Met, has been consistently driving the ball. Jose Reyes has begun to look like the Reyes of old, despite being in the #3 spot. Wright seemingly is snapping out of his funk. Add all that to the fact that from the top to the bottom of the lineup, guys are getting on base at a pretty good clip and we have some good exciting baseball.

All that being said, for me the hard part about being a Mets fan these days is trying actually enjoy the success of the team at the moment. No matter how great this run has been, and believe me, it has been great, I keep finding myself waiting for them to fall on their face. Every baseball fan knows that teams go through ups and downs, slumps and streaks. That’s to be expected. But after suffering through the last few years with this team, it becomes very hard to enjoy the ups and very easy to dwell on the downs.

This weekend will be a huge series not only for the Mets as a team, but for me as a fan. I almost don’t even care about the final outcome (almost). I’m more conderned with seeing how they play. I’d almost (almost) be happy seeing them lose but fighting the entire way, if that makes any sense. I guess if they just keep doing what they’ve been doing, we’ll be fine.

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  1. It’s funny how the biggest concern before the season was the pitching, both starting and relief, and now 22 games in it has become the strong point of the team. Now it looks like the hitting is finally starting to come around and giving the staff something to work with. Funny again how everybody said we don’t have to worry about the bats before the season and it turns out to be the weak spot up to this point. I guess that’s why they play the games, to show the so called experts that they really don’t know what’s going to happen until it does.

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