A Truly Iconic Card from Cardboard Icons
April 13th, 2010 by slangon

As some you might or might not have known, a few weeks back, Ben over at Cardboard Icons was having a little contest in anticipation of his 100,000 hit. As some of you may or may not know, I was extremely lucky enough to be picked as the winner of said contest.

What was the wondrously awesome prize that was bestowed upon me you ask? Nothing much.

Just this.

That’s right. A very much loved 1958 Topps World Series Batting Foes card featuring none other than Mickey “The Commerce Comet” Mantle and Hank “Bad Henry” Aaron. One card. Two guys. 1291 home runs. 3806 runs batted in. 4 MVP Awards. 37 All-Star Game appearances. 2 Hall of Fame Plaques. All that squeezed onto 8.75 square inches of cardboard for our viewing pleasure. Pure incredablicity.

It’s sort of ironic that the copywriters were calling out The Mick to break Babe Ruths record when it turns out Hammerin’ Hank was the one to pull it off many years later.

I like the cartoon dudes on the back side of the card. They totally remind me of the baseball team that Bugs Bunny played against.

Man, I cannot begin to describe how psyched I am to have this card. It’s always fun to win cards even if it’s just a bunch of junk wax or whatever. Winning a bona-fide kick-ass awesome card of 2 Hall of Famers is just 12 gallons of icing on the cake.

I just want to thank Ben again and heartily congratulate him on reaching 100,000 hits, although reading his blog it’s not difficult to understand why. Thanks dude.

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