Card of the Moment #18
April 17th, 2010 by slangon

SlangKo World headquarters are temporarily shut down due to the entire staff being on vacation. In the mean time, we proudly bring you this Card of the Moment.

2005 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites #GC Gary Carter Bat Relic

You can’t go wrong with a relic of a Hall of Famer, especially when he’s depicted in the uniform of your favorite team. I won’t ever suggest that he should’ve been inducted into the Hall as a member of said favorite team, especially after yesterdays post. Let’s just say he was on the Mets at a very special time in their history and I’m glad to get a card celebrating that time and leave it at that. Although I’m a fan of relic cards in general, I’m always a little more partial to bats rather than jerseys, so it’s cool in that respect as well.

Putting this card aside for a moment, let me talk a little bit about Gary Carter. I think it’s pretty obvious how big of a role he played in getting the Mets to World Series in ’86 and then helping them win it. Nobody in their right mind would ever argue that. But even when I was a kid and that whole ’86 Mets team were like a bunch of Gods to me, there was always something off about Gary Carter in my mind. He was an incredible hitter and played his position extremely well. He seemed to know just about every batter in the league and called a really good game. According to everything I’ve ever heard or read, because of that he made the Mets already talented pitching staff that much better. Despite all those credentials, there was always something about him that turned me off a little.

A few weeks back I read Jeff Pearlmans excellent recap of the 1986 Mets season The Bad Guys Won. It’s a really interesting insider story of all the wacky shenanigans that went on behind the scenes that year. Pretty much every player on the roster that year comes off looking like a jerk, but somehow you still love him. Carter is pretty much the only player who comes out looking pretty clean in the end, and somehow he’s still the one that I don’t like.

When I think about the Mets teams of the last few years I always think about how they never seem to have that fighting, brawling, win-at-all-costs spirit that was such a big part of what made the ’86 team Champs, and at the same time so despised by every other team they played. There’s been plenty of talent on these teams, and there still is plenty of talent, but they just don’t have that in-your-face attitude. I mean, David Wright gets knocked unconscious and a few days later he tracks down the dude who hit him and tells him no hard feelings. David’s a real nice guy for doing that and I’m 100% sure Matt Cain didn’t intentionally throw at him, but still. When things like that happen, every pitcher in the league knows that it’s okay to pitch to Wright inside and hey, if you hit him, no big deal.

Now I’m not saying that if Gary got buzzed inside he wouldn’t get pissed and launch the very next pitch over the wall as revenge. I think it’s just that Gary’s clean cut image reminds me too much of what’s wrong with the Mets these days. Namely, the talent is there, but the fight is lacking.

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