Card of the Moment #17
April 16th, 2010 by slangon

So right now I’m sitting at my desk in my office in New York writing this. Or maybe I’m sitting on a beach on the Gulf Coast of Florida enjoying the sun and a frosty tropical beverage. Who can keep track. Here’s another Card of the Moment.

2005 SP Legendary Cuts Glory Days #SL Sparky Lyle Jersey Relic

Here’s another pretty cool relic that I scored for a cool $0.99. Like the Dwight Evans bat that I wrote about yesterday, I like design a lot. It’s definitely a modern looking card, but has quite a bit of old-timey charm.

I also enjoy that fact that even though Sparky really hit his stride with the Yankees, Upper Deck chose to depict him during his earlier Red Sox days. Among the myriad reasons that the Yankees drive me nuts is the fact that they often seem to take a player that was beloved by another teams fan base and turn them into a Yankee. I’m sure Oakland fans remember that Reggie Jackson and Catfish Hunter were part of the Mustache Gang, but to everyone else they’re Yankees. Dave Winfield was born and bred a Yankee, wasn’t he? He proudly wore the Padre’s ugly uniforms for 8 years before he donned the pinstripes. Rickey Henderson’s time in the Bronx was a nano-second when compared to his 14 years in Oakland. Anyone remember when Babe Ruth was a very successful starting pitcher in Boston?

I’ll concede the fact that the guys I used as examples really did a lot while wearing Yankee pinstripes, but it still drives me nuts. I mean, if Dwight Gooden was going to throw a no-hitter with a team not named the Mets, did it have to be with the Yankees? Out of all the teams?

Needless to say if this was a Sparky Lyle card with him as a Yankee, I would not have gotten it.

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  1. Good points about all the players you mentioned.

    Bucky Dent and Don Larsen are similar guys, as average players who spent years with other teams. They’re now “stuck” as Yankees due to high-profile heroics they probably wouldn’t have had the chance to accomplish on another team.

  2. Did you notice that Sparky is spelled Sparly on bottom front of this rather nice looking card ???

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