SlangKo Heroes of the Diamond 21-25
April 8th, 2010 by slangon

Well, whatever good feelings were generated with the Mets win on Opening Day have been unceremoniously knocked to the ground and beaten to within a inch of their life. Sigh. Anyway…

I’m a little loathe to admit that I’ve sort of lost steam on this set. Not so much that I don’t like it, but more that I’ve started a couple of other custom sets that I’m a little more invested in. I’m dedicated to finishing this set though, so I’m not allowing myself to work on the other 2 sets until this one is in the can. Maybe that’ll motivate me.

Anyway, here’s numbers 21 through 25.

I hope Prince isn’t reading this, but I always love seeing big fat guys excel at baseball. I like things that counter-intuitive.

This was actually the second Heroes of the Diamond that I did, probably like 7 months ago. I’m just getting around to showing it now since I decided to show the cards in numerical order, not the order that I did them. On a side note, I can’t believe that Murph went and hurt himself 6 days before Opening Day. Geez. Mets. What else can you say?

When I originally conceived of this card set, I wanted to try and avoid superstars as much as possible. I have to admit I got a little lazy on this choice. I was kind of impressed with Jeter breaking Gehrig’s hits record, though. I guess that makes this card a product of impressed laziness.

I don’t think I need to point out that certain photos that I chose were harder to hand color than others. I think this Markakis picture takes the cake thanks to that crazy ass Baltimore patch on his sleeve. Why did I drive myself so crazy hand coloring a patch that’s only like 0.00067″ on the actual card? Because I’m an idiot.

I find it sort of cool that even though I came up with the checklist for this set a month or two before last season ended, I was 5 out of 6 in including players who won any of the big awards last season. I got Greinke, Mauer, Bailey, Pujols and Lincecum. The only one I missed was Chris Coghlan. Maybe that doesn’t sound too impressive, but I’m normally horrible at picking things like that. I usually pick all Mets, convinced that they’re all going to have an insane breakout year. I’ve really convinced myself that Wright is winning MVP this year, Johan is getting the Cy Young and either Ike Davis or Jenrry Mejia will end up with Rookie of the Year honors. I know. What can I say? I need to surround myself in a blanket of delusion to prepare myself for the coming season.

So there’s five more Heroes of the Diamond in the bag. That makes 35 more to go. 15 of those are actually done, so really I only have 20 more cards to do until I can put this puppy to bed. I guess that’s not as bad as I thought. Hopefully I can power through and get them done sometime before this season ends.

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