Wheelin’ and Dealin’ at the Million Card Giveaway
March 3rd, 2010 by slangon

I’ve kind of reached a point with buying 2010 Topps where the doubles I’ve been getting have started to vastly outnumber the cards that I need. Because of that, I’ve more or less decided to stop getting packs and try and just finish out the set via trade. One thing that sort of bums me out about that is that means no more MCG codes until Series 2 hits the shelves. I think I can live with that.

At the time I made that decision, I had redeemed 11 codes. Overall, I was pretty pleased with what I got. I redeemed a couple of ’50’s, a couple of ’60’s, a bunch of ’70’s and only 2 cards from the 1980’s. Some were keepers and a bunch were cards I didn’t mind, but would prefer to trade for cards that I did want.

So now that I knew I wouldn’t be redeeming any codes for a while (probably), I decided to focus on trying to turn some of those 1970’s cards into 1970’s Mets cards that I need for my team sets. After getting nowhere with that for a few days, I tried a 2-for-1 approach and was able to pull off this:

As you can see, the 2 cards that I gave up were nothing to write home about, but the card I got in return was not only a Mets card that I needed, it was a team card. I’d say it was a pretty good swap for me, and I hope whoever it was that I traded with feels the same.

The second trade that I pulled off really took me by surprise, since I kind of initiated it as a goof and really wasn’t expecting it to go through. As some of you may or may not remember, a while ago I was bitching about that damn ’88 Astros Team Leaders card that I got stuck with, and pondering the possibility of turning that card into something cool through a long and carefully considered series of trades. Well, step one has been taken.

I know those Turn Back the Clock cards are still kind of cheesy, but I’d say that’s a big step up from the poop stain that was Billy Hatcher and Kevin Bass (not that Billy and Kevin are poop stains, the card was). Either way, I’m just happy to not see that card staring back at me whenever I look at my collection. So now I just need to figure out what a good next step would be. What would be a card that’s a little bit better than that Jim Rice TBC that someone would conceivably be willing to trade me? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Wow…can’t believe the Astros team card actually left your hands.

  2. Check my wantlist on my sidebar. I only need 4 base cards. If you have a wantlist I’ve got a ton of dupes too and I’ll help you out.

  3. Great job on those trades. I have 16 of the cyber cards of which 12 I want to trade. I have 11 different offers out for Mets team cards but no luck. I did score a 66 Mets team for a 67 Joe Nuxhall though.

  4. I have 21 or so of the 2010 from your list. Shoot me an e-mail and we can figure something out.

  5. Shoot me your list. I’ve got tons of mets.

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