Revenge of the 6-for-5 Bin
February 21st, 2010 by slangon

I’m still trying to get through the initial batch of cards that I got from the 6 for $5 vintage bin at my local card shop. Here we go for another “pack”.

1973 Topps #84 Rollie Fingers

This may not be Rollie Fingers’ rookie card, but it is Rollie Fingers’ Mustaches rookie card. The rookie ‘stache appears strong but possibly a little uncertain. It’s obviously no where near as glorious as what we’re used to seeing from Rollie Fingers’ mustache, but it is it’s first year in the bigs after all. This card also has the dubious distinction of having one of the more gruesome of all baseball card cartoons I’ve ever seen.

1974 Topps #80 Tom Seaver

As a Mets team collector, I’ve noticed something about the team sets from the 70’s. Nine times out of ten, the most pain in the but card to get in the set is the Tom Seaver card. I guess there’s the high number cards from the early 70’s sets, and maybe the Willie Mays from the 1973 set, but usually, once the Tom Terrific card from a certain year is in my hands, the set is as good as done. This particular Seaver card is pretty good looking, what with the horizontal format and the jam packed stands in the back ground. Something about it gets me extra itchy for the season to start.

1973 Topps #647 George Stone

During April through October, he’s a journeyman pitcher in the Major’s. During October through March, he’s Mayberry’s resident yokel gas station attendant. Actually, the year this card came out, George had pretty much a career season, going 12-3 with a 2.80 ERA. Initally, I figured that was in relief, but that was with 20 starts out of 27 games. Unfortunately, his next 2 years with the Mets, which would be his last 2 years in baseball, he went a combined 5-10 with a 5.04 ERA. This card actually is a high number card in what would turn out to be Topps last issue where they released cards in series, so it’s another kind of pain in the ass card that I can cross off my list. I guess this was the last good year for George on more than one level.

1981 Topps #261 Rickey Henderson

You know how sometimes your mind just works in weird ways? Even though I’ve always known that this isn’t Rickey Henderson’s rookie card, for some reason, every time I envision his rookie card, this is the card that pops up in my head. It was cool to see he spent the 1978 season in Jersey City, where my family has lived for generations. I grew up just outside of Jersey City when I was younger, during the same time Rickey was playing there. Too bad it never occurred to my dad to take me to a minor league ball game.

1964 Philadelphia #42 Cleveland Browns Play of the Year
1965 Philadelphia #168 St. Louis Cardinals Play of the Year

These were a couple of weird cards that I picked up in the football section of the vintage box. They’re both mid-60’s issues from the Philadelphia Gum Company. They issued 4 football sets, starting with the 1964 set. These particular cards featured the coach, stadium and a Play of the Year for a particular team. They’re pretty cool looking cards and certainly unlike anything else in my collection. They make a nice little addition to my managers/coaches collection I would say.

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  1. Yeah, that Fingers cartoon is nuts. The line drive exploded his head!

  2. That Rollie cartoon is great.

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