Cards I Would Like to Own: The Super-Realistic Version
August 22nd, 2009 by slangon

1975 Topps Keith Hernandez Rookie


I’ve wanted this card for as long as I can remember. I mean going back to when I as 10 years old. I’ve wanted this card more than twice as long as I haven’t wanted it, if that makes any sense.

For as long as I’ve liked baseball, Keith Hernandez has always been my favorite player, and what could be more natural than to want the rookie card of your favorite player. For whatever reason, during my first collecting go-around (1984-ish to 1991-ish) I was always under the impression that this card would be mad-house expensive. I guess when you’re young, you just figure that the rookie card of your most favoritest player ever would cost at least $100. Or maybe back then it did cost a bit. I guess even if it cost $10, that’s a lot for a 10 year old.

I know what you’re saying. “You’re not 10 years old any more. And you can get this card for like 2 bucks. Stop your whining and get the damn card already.”

I know. I hear you. I don’t know what to say, except it’s just one of those things. Everytime I see it on eBay for a decent price, I always forget to bid on it. Or when I do bid on it early, some sniper comes in and steals it at the last second. Then I don’t think about it for a while. Then I remember but all the ones on eBay are priced at a bunch of money because the people selling them think they’re the only ones to have a Keith Hernandez rookie card. Look, I love the guy just as much as anyone, but I’m not shelling out $60 for this card.

Don’t worry, Keith. One day.

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