Yaarrrgh! It Be a TTM Success. Pirate Style.
January 19th, 2010 by slangon

2009 SlangKo Heroes of the Diamond Gene Alley


(Sorry about the post title. I know we’re 8 months early for Talk Like A Pirate Day.)

Gene Alley played his entire career for the Pittsburgh Pirates, from 1963-1973. Alley was a pretty light hitter, with a career average of .254. Fortunately for him, he played during a era when a shortstop was valued more for his glove than his bat.

And what a glove he had. He won 2 Gold Gloves during his career in 1966 and again in 1967. He also went to the All-Star game twice, first in 1967 and then in 1968, mostly thanks to his defensive prowess.

For the majority of his career, his partner in the middle infield was Hall of Fame second baseman Bill Mazeroski. In 1966, the duo set a MLB record for most double plays in a season, with 161 turned. Unfortunately for Gene, Mazeroski actually holds the record.

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  1. Talk like a pirate day should be everyday! That is an AWESOME card, I love it! I loved Gene Alleys defense-he and Maz made a great pair. Did you send him a copy of that to keep? Was he impressed? That is by far the nicest Gene Alley card I have ever seen! Nice work!

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