Christmas Cards (The Kind Without Glitter) Part III
January 5th, 2010 by slangon

Man, I feel like I might need to change the name of this string of posts to something less Yuletidy, or else I might still be doing Christmas posts well into March. I still got them two boxes to post up along with my Check Out My Cards swag. On top of that a bunch of trades have begun to filter in. Woe is me and all my new cards.

I was hoping to save this particular eBay acquisition until towards the end, since I’m a big one for saving the best for last. Turns out though, it’s much easier to do a post about one card than it is a box of them.

So without further ado, I give you…

2008 Tristar Signa Cuts Ed Kranepool Cut Signature 2/5



I know what you’re thinking. What the hell kind of a knucklehead buys a “cut signature” that in reality is a signed baseball card that someone cut into pieces and stuck inside another baseball card? This kind of a knucklehead, that’s who.

I actually find it kind of humorous that a card company would have the nuts to do that. If I had paid more than I did, I might not find it so humorous.

Also when else does a die-hard Mets fan get the chance to get a cut signature of the original Mr. Met? Steady Eddie. The Krane. Easy Ed. I guess you really need to be a Mets fan to appreciate a lifetime .261 hitter the way most Mets fans I know appreciate him. Other teams must have their Ed Kranepools, though. You know, the guy who’s not a star, but has just been on the team for so long, you can’t help but love him.

It’s also pretty sweet that it’s numbered to just 5 copies. That’s officially the lowest numbered card I own. I think numbered to 25 is the next lowest I have.

One thing that has been driving me nuts since I got this card, though, is trying to figure out what card that is. It’s defiantly not any of the more common Eds out there. Judging by that windbreaker, I’d guess it was from the 70’s, but again, it’s not anything I can find a picture of to compare it to. Also, just because the photograph is 70’s vintage, doesn’t mean the card is. Actually, thanks to the way in which the card was cut, who even knows if that is Ed Kranepool. If anyone out there recognizes this card, I’d love to hear from you.

Another kind of irritating thing about this is that slab. I don’t exactly hate that it’s slabbed, and I certainly don’t care that it’s not graded. It just annoys me that it’s in a Beckett slab, but I can’t find any info about this set on the Beckett site. The Tristar site had a checklist, but that was about it.

I feel like I spent more time in this post complaining about this card than anything else, but please don’t think that I’m disappointed in it. Some people might guffaw at this statement, but as far as I’m concerned it’s in the top five pieces of my collection.

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  1. I don’t recognize the card… I don’t really care for the idea, but I wouldn’t turn one down either. Shoot me an email at bacontowne at yahoo dot com… I have some ginter and heritage from your lists… Do you trade for your original cards? Hope so cuz they are AWESOME!

  2. I believe that this is the card that TriStar murdered to make your SignaCut.

  3. dude i have a ball,mini bat and 8×10 of your boy Ed Kranepool. plus he put 69 ws champs… i really don’t care for them, would you trade??

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