Guaranteed Hits, On The Cheap, Part II
December 19th, 2009 by slangon

This is the other half of the $20 I spent for 2 guaranteed hits. The 50% off blaster of 2008 Upper Deck Series 2, touting “One Game Used Memoribilia Card in Every Box! on average”. Let’s see what gems we plucked from this bad boy, shall we.

A couple of ex-Metropolitans.

Have I mentioned that Clifford Floyd is one of my all-time favorite Mets. I might’ve. That magic trick that Carlos is doing is incredible. Almost as incredible as the magic trick Omar Minaya pulled to trade Carlos for Santana. Hey-OOOOOOOO!

A dude named after a ball that you hit over a fence.

Holy Crap! This dude has the most awesome baseball name in history! Wait. He’s a pitcher? A pitcher named Homer Bailey? Nevermind.

A couple of goofy inserts.

Actually the Cabrera and Helton cards are pretty cool. Hitting .320 for the season is a feat that deserves to be celebrated. Being the first black dude to win the Democratic Nomination deserves to be celebrated as well, but did they have to make it so weird looking? I’d be majorly pissed if I was Hillary.

A dude who’s father is friends with my father.

It’s true. Joe Borowski grew up in the same town as me, Bayonne, New Jersey. His father, Butch Borowski, was a fireman in Bayonne. He was on a couple of beer league softball teams with my old man and they became buddies.

A couple of big ol’ fat guys.

Just goes to show, baseball is certainly not a thin man’s sport.

A trio of Starquests.

I can’t make up my mind about these Starquests. I don’t hate them, but I don’t know if I love them. Here we have a Super Rare Berkman and Un-Common Pujols and Smoltz.

Another Starquest.

This one is just a Common, but it is one of my new favorite Mets, even if it is in a Braves uniform.

A couple of Yankee Stadium Legacy cards.

It’s funny. If I had actually bought this box last year and pulled these, I’d be madder than bull in a ketchup factory. After seeing anniversary retrospective set that was in Upper Deck products this year, I was actually pretty psyched to get these, and even a little bummed that I traded all my other YSL inserts. Only for a second though.

A handful of Mets.

Joe Smith not withstanding, these dudes need need need to pull their act together this coming season. Hopefully, Omar can pull the trigger on Bay, or preferably Holliday, but I gotta admit, I’m getting less and less hopefully by the day.

And finally, the promised relic.

I gotta say, if I had paid the full $20 for this blaster I might be a little let down, but that 50% difference has made it so that I kind of like this relic. Gil Meche isn’t the biggest star in baseball, but he’s a young solid pitcher. I like the color of the swatch. I always like getting jersey swatches that aren’t white or grey.

So overall, even though both the Gil Meche relic and the Vernon Davis relic aren’t too terribly exciting, I got 2 guaranteed hits for $20, along with some kind of cool cards. I don’t know that I would take this deal over a blaster any day, but it was a nice break from just plunking down a twenty for a blaster.

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