T206, The 2009 Version
December 16th, 2009 by slangon

Just in time for everyone to be over 206.

I’ve seen a bunch of pack and box breaks of 206 over the last few weeks, and I must admit, the cards look awesome. Not awesome enough for me to decide to collect, though. Instead, I decided I would just try and nail down the Mets team set, and I figured the best way for me to do that was to sign up for I Am Joe Collector‘s group break, which I did.

That didn’t stop me from grabbing a pack or two out of curiosity while Christmas shopping at Target over the weekend. I hope I don’t pull any Mets.


Pack 1 –
#98 Matt Kemp
#250 Tim Hudson
09T206hudsonWhen I see a card where the player is making a really weird face, I can’t help but wonder what that player thinks when he sees it.

#94 Francisco Liriano Polar Bear Mini
09T206lirianoMiniF09T206lirianoMiniBAs is usually the case with mini’s, I think these look awesome. The Polar Bear back was always my favorite out of all the original T206 back variations. I wonder how much Topps spent on blue ink.

#268 Aaron Poreda RC Gold Border
#138 Elvis Andrus RC
09T206andrusI know that all the card companys have that Rookie Card logo on their rookie cards these days, but I find it a little jarring when I see it on an otherwise beautiful looking retro card. I think it would’ve been so much cooler if they just had the “ANDRUS, Rookie” down at the bottom.

#181 David Price RC
09T206priceIt’s funny, I think the first pack of cards I ripped this year, which was the Topps base set, I got a David Price rookie. That seems so long ago that I keep thinking that it’s weird that he has a rookie in this set too.

Pack 2 –
#150 A.J. Burnett
#210 Pat Burrell
#265 Carlos Delgado Piedmont Mini
09T206delgadoMiniF09T206delgadoMiniBWell, there goes my hopes for not pulling any Mets. Even though I still stand by my claim that the Polar Bear backs are my favorites, the Piedmont look really awesome as well.

#222 Clayton Kershaw Gold Border
09T206kershawI guess these are better than the old thick ad cards that used to be used as pack searcher deterrents, but I don’t find them especially enticing. They deter me as well.

#286 Tim Lincecum
#107 Fernando Martinez RC
09T206martinezAnother Met. Damn you, Topps. I was also thinking that since they pretty much have to use the Rookie Card logo, why can’t they at least have another version of it that would look more at home on a retro style card?

The Mick Checklist 2 of 7
09T206mickSeeing the Mick smile at me like that makes me a little less PO’ed that I got a checklist.

Well, not a terrible couple of packs. Nothing to write home about, but that won’t stop me from writing about them here. Overall, a nice little preview. Hopefully, I’ll end up with some nice stuff once the Joe Collector group break goes down.

4 Responses to “T206, The 2009 Version”

  1. Dig the Price. The picture is from a really weird angle. Can’t wait lay me hands on one!
    When the Cy arrives you should totally write up a comparison.

  2. I am not deterred by the bronze-bordered Clayton Kershaw. In fact, I’d like to know if it’s for trade.

  3. Actually, I would not be adverse to parting with that Kershaw or that Matt Kemp that I did not scan if you were interested in him as well.

  4. Yeah, I believe I need the Kemp, too. I’ll send you an email.

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