1953 Heisman Trophy Winner Autograph Giveaway
December 13th, 2009 by slangon

Since pretty much all my TTM requests lately have been SlangKo Originals, one thing that I’ve started to do is enclose an extra copy of the card and let the person know that it’s a custom jobbie and if they would like to keep a copy for themselves they’re welcome to it. I’m realizing though that most people don’t want some crappy card that some random dude sent to them.

In the case of Heisman Trophy Winner Johnny Lattner, rather than keep the extra copy, he signed that one as well and sent it back to me. Bad news for my ego, but good news for whoever reads this mess. That sucker is going up on the old Give-Away Block.

Here’s how it works –

Leaving a comment to this post will get you one entry.

Additionally, twice between now and Christmas, I will post a reminder about the giveaway. Commenting to either of those posts will net you another entry. And yes, if you comment on both posts, you will get 2 entries. The trick here is that you never know when the reminder post will pop up, so you have to check back here often. All I will say is that I will not be a dick and post one at 11:30 on Christmas Eve. Also, once the reminder is posted, the comments will be shut down for the previous posts concerning the giveaway, so you can’t just wait for the end and sign up for three entries all at once.

Also, if you have your own blog, you can post a link to the contest posts for additional entries. Just post the link and then leave a comment saying you did so with the URL of the link. If you link to this plus the 2 reminders, you get 3 more entries.

I hope that’s not too confusing.

The actual give away will go down on Christmas Day (Or maybe the day after. I’ll see if I have any free time to do it, what with this being the baby’s first Christmas and all.) I will write up a list of all the entries, run them through Random.org 12 times (for the 12 days of Christmas), and whoever is at the top of the list when all is said and done gets the card.

Good luck everyone, and remember to check back regular-like to get more shots at winning.

17 Responses to “1953 Heisman Trophy Winner Autograph Giveaway”

  1. I’m in. Bummer that they don’t hold on to the cards, they always look pretty cool!

  2. “In” as they say. It is strange what folks do/don’t hold on to.

  3. I’m definitely in, that’s a great looking card!

  4. you know I’m in… awesome.

    from what I’ve seen, a lot of the younger players keep the cards, the older, retired guys don’t.

  5. @Cap’n Canuck: That would make sense to me, but it’s interesting that you say that. In the post I wrote about this card originally, I also wrote about sending cards to Johnny Lujack, who won the 1947 Heisman. He ended up keeping the extra card and actually wrote back to me thanking me for the card.

    @Everyone: Also, I know a bunch of you dudes that have commented so far have blogs. Don’t forget thta if you link to this post on you blog and put the link in these comments, you’ll get an extra shot at winning.

  6. I am in!
    I am pretty sure my neighbor was actually a teammate of and I think even a roommate of Lattner….I shall double check on that.

  7. In. That’s me.

    Yeah, I doubled my chances too!


  8. I posted too!


  9. I’m in – and posted on my blog:

  10. Count me in. I’ll link up tonight as well.

  11. I’m in and i’ll post it on my blog as well…. Thanks!

  12. Cool card, hope i win!

  13. I’m in for a contest.

    And for the extra shot:


  14. Sorry everybody. The contest is closed… No further entries will be accepted. They are ruining my odds of winning. Seriously, I spoke with the SlangKo corporate offices… Done. No more. On top of that, those who have commented so far should delete their comments. I really want to win.

  15. Due to threats of litigation from the good folks at SlangKo, I retract my previous comment.

    A statement from the PunkRockPaint Legal Department:

    We apologize for any confusion that may have occured in reaction to the previous comment. We have taken action against our mail room employee, Travis P.. He is no longer to use computers at the office. Furthermore, he will be forced to wear the “helmet of shame” for the next two weeks. The “helmet of shame”, for interested parties, is an oversized Oakland Raiders helmet that will fit over Travis P’s doctor-prescribed safety helmet.

  16. http://beardysbaseballblog.blogspot.com/2009/12/win-beautiful-signed-custom-card-of.html

    Link link link-aroo

    It’s just for you

  17. I’m in. Thanks for the cool contest!