How’s That for an Autographed Relic Card?
December 2nd, 2009 by slangon

(Ed. Note: Unfortunately I was unable to track down an image of an example of this, so I fudged one so you can see how awesome it would be.)

I don’t spend a huge amount of time watching TV these days (thanks to a 9 month old bundle of craziness), but when I do, I spend most of that time watching the History Channel. Sometime over the holiday weekend, I was watching something on there about sharp shooters. It was basically a show that would talk about historical sharp shooters, such as Wild Bill Hickcock or Annie Oakley, and then have a modern-day sharp shooter attempt to recreate one of their better known feats.

One of the historical feats they featured was done by John Wesley Hardin. Apparently after serving his time in prison, he moved back out west and started to practice law, but his practice was not very lucrative. In order to supplement his income, he would take an ordinary playing card, stand back a bunch of feet, and blast holes where the suite markers were. Then he would sign the card and sell it to people. I guess even back then, superstars were charging for their autographs. I wonder how much he sold them for. Two bits, I’ll reckon.

After hearing that, you can keep your serial numbered quadruple triple relic autograph rookie refractors short print parallels.

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