My First TTM Dual Autograph
December 9th, 2009 by slangon

Anyone who’s been reading this blog knows that I’ve taken quite a shine to this whole TTM process. I’ve had some good success, I think, along with some disappointments. For the most part though, I’ve done better than I expected. There’s something really cool about making a custom card and then actually having it signed by whoever is on that card.

I’ve recently made a conscious decision to focus on former Met’s players, starting with the old timers and working my way up. I scoured the interweb and came up with a handful of addresses, and began to produce some cards to mail out. I’m always a big fan of getting manager and coach cards, so I thought it would be pretty cool to try and score some former Met’s coaches who were former Major Leaguers.

Eddie Yost and Joe Pignatano were 2 guys who fell into that category. As I was looking around for photos to use for their cards, I came across a really cool picture of the the two of them together and it occured to me that it would be pretty awesome to try and get them both to sign the same card.

As luck would have it, they both did.


I sent it to Mr. Pignatano first, just because he was right in Brooklyn and I figured if he did sign it, I would end up getting it back pretty quickly, which was indeed the case. Just 5 short days after sending it, it was back in my hands, signed. It make’s me a little sad to see how shaky his signature is. Not sad that I got a shaky signature, but sad that he can’t sign the way I’m sure he wants to. The man is 90 years old, though. Aside from that, I was pretty excited to get it. Joe was a coach with the Mets from 1968-1981, so he saw a lot of highs and lows. He also played on the Mets in 1962, after they acquired him from the Giants. He had a pretty short career as a player, 1957-1962. Most of this time was with the Dodgers, both in Brooklyn and Los Angeles, followed by a year in Kansas City, with the A’s, and then on to the Giants. I love the look on his face in the picture. He looks like he just told Eddie Yost a really dirty joke.

After getting the card back from Joe, I immediately repackaged it an sent it on to Mr. Yost, who also sent it back promptly, this time in 6 days. I’d say 11 days total for 2 signatures is pretty good, compared to how long some other people take. He coached third base for the Mets from 1968-1975, so he was around for some good times, but not as many bad times as Joe was. He also had a much longer playing career than Joe. He had a cup of coffee with the Senators in 1944, followed by a year of military service. Then he played in Washington from 1946-1958, appearing on the All-Star team in 1952. He also played 2 years in Detroit and 2 years with the Angels.

I thought it worked out pretty well that they both signed in blue Sharpie. I wonder if that was coincidence, or if Eddie saw that Joe signed it that way and decided to make it match. I also wonder if they keep in touch. They look pretty chummy in the picture, and they did work together for 8 seasons.

Also, a hardy thanks goes out to Paul from Paul’s Random Stuff for hooking me up with Joe Pignatano’s address.

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  1. That card looks very nice. I’m glad I was able to help you with the address.

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