Some Thanksgiving Night Football (Cards)
November 26th, 2009 by slangon

So that was a squeaker on Sunday. That was the kind of win that almost makes me feel worse that if they had lost. Luckily, being a Mets fan, I’m used to wins (and losses) that make me feel bad like that so it just rolls off my back. Now we move onto Denver. We’ll see what happens.

But before we see that, let’s see what happens with the rest of this blaster.

I’m just throwing this guy out there because I was very angry with him last Sunday. Then I realized that I shouldn’t be angry with him, I should be angry with the Giants defense. So to make it up to him, I’m posting a picture of a card of him on the internet. Hopefully, that’ll make him feel better.



Here we have three short prints, one of which is a mini. I’m a little torn on how to feel about short prints in general. I guess I like getting them because they’re a little bit scarcer than normal. I still feel like I get more excited about pulling a non-short print of a favorite player or favorite team. Maybe that’s just me, though. Oftentimes, I find short prints more annoying than anything else. It’s like the card company is trying to dictate to me what cards to get excited about. I do kind of like that Mark Bradley card though. It looks like he’s holding up the pigskin as an offering to the Gods of the Gridiron. (See, I’m cool with foosball. I used pigskin and gridiron in the same sentence.)

The other three mini’s I got. A Giant, a Cadillac and a Bush.

09MAGICbardenRamses Barden’s RC. This leaves me at just one more card to complete the Giants team set. I just need #124 Dwayne Jarrett, if anyone out there cares. (Hint, hint)


A couple of Magic Thrills inserts. Even though I don’t particularly like the way these cards look, I think the idea of having a card that celebrates a particular game that was especially exciting is a good one so I’d be willing to overlook the ugliness of these cards.

Well, that’s that. I just want to wish a Happy Turkey Day to everyone, and don’t eat too much. Or do. Whichever you prefer.

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