A Steaming Pile of Stuff To Do, Part VI
November 12th, 2009 by slangon

The 90’s portion of the box. Or at least my favoritest.

91BBCPGMhojo1991 Baseball Card Price Guide Monthly #25 Howard Johnson – A weird card I’d never seen before. Blatant rip-off of 71 Topps, which is cool with me. On the back, instead of stats, it has “Pocket Price Guide” Card Values. Hojo’s 83 Donruss ran $10 as of 1991, but his 87 Topps, $0.10.

91SCOREburnitz1991 Score #380 Jeromy Burnitz 1st Round Draft Pick – The 90’s were a wasteland for me when it came to baseball. The Mets were terrible. I was a skater punk who thought sports were for jocks. I missed Jeromy’s first go-round as a Met. But I liked him a whole lot his second time around.

91TSCjones1991 Topps Stadium Club #94 Bobby Jones Draft Pick – I mentioned at some point how I thought the 1975 Topps set perfectly summed up it’s era. Well, I think this card does the same for the early 90’s.

91WIZmets1991 Mets Wiz Keith Hernandez, Howard Johnson, Dave Kingman, Frank Taveras – I had heard about this set, but never seen any cards from it. It was some promo thing put out by The Wiz that had 300-400 cards of every Met ever up til that point. They’re very cool. Very much like strip cards, but the 90’s version. By the way, is Dave Kingman not one of the weirdest looking dudes to step on to the diamond? I wouldn’t laugh if I were you, Frank Taveras.

EddieMurray1992 Classic #162 & 1993 Score #77 Eddie Murray – When I was a kid, I never was too much on paying attention to “the other league”, but I did know that Eddie Murray was awesome. Plus, from collecting cards, I knew he had some sweet chops and mustache action.

94TEDWILLIAMSmcgraw1994 Ted Williams #58 Tug McGraw – I don’t want to be a sore loser or nothing, but it sort of irks me that this year the Phillies totally stole the whole “You Gotta Believe” thing. Tug said that about the Mets. Besides, he said it about a team that was 13 games out as of August. Not a defending World Series Championship team that was cruising to it’s third straight division title.

93TOPPScatchers1993 Topps #701 Mike Piazza, Carlos Delgado, Brook Fordyce, Donnie Leshnock – Probably my favorite card in the whole box. I have wanted this card forever. It’s another one of those cards that isn’t really rare or expensive, but just has eluded me for whatever reasons. I know it’s not a legit Rookie for either Piazza or Delgado, but it’s Young Mike and Young Carlos. Together. On one card. And Carlos thinks he’s a catcher.

93TOPPSbonilla1993 Topps #52 Bobby Bonilla – Glamour Shot! I know Bonilla was a bum the entire time he was in New York, but judging from this photo, he wouldn’t want to be a bum anywhere else.

95SELECTalfonzo1995 Select Certified #128 Edgardo Alfonzo – I loved Fonzie back in the day. I thought he was the bee’s knees. Very few things made me sadder than to watch his career sputter and die. He was awesome.

98BOWMANyoshii_gooch1998 Bowman #90 Arnold Gooch & #295 Masato Yoshii – I was never a huge fan of Yoshii. Not that I had anything against him. I was just never a huge fan, but I love when Japanese player sign cards in Japanese characters. And as far as that other card, how the F#8k did I miss the fact that the Gooch played for the Mets? How? And what makes it better, he signs his name “Arnie” istead of “Arnold”. I think I smell a TTM attempt.

And lastly…

98LEAFolerud1998 Leaf #113 John Olerud – Another in a long line of late 90’s / early 00’s Mets that I simply adored. I mean, my god, that infield of Olerud, Alfonzo, Ordonez and Ventura. I especially loved Olerud because he was just one of those players who just kept his head down, his mouth shut and went out and played. And played well.

So we’re almost done with that steaming pile of stuff to do. Of course in the time it took me to work down this pile, another pile has built up. But that will be for another day.

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  1. I have that young Mike/young Carlos card too, and I love it oh so much. I’ve never heard of Donnie Leshnock though..I always wonder about that guy. According to baseball reference he played 5 years in the minors and actually was converted into a pitcher. Weird.

    Also..that 1991 TSC analysis is spot on.

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