A Steaming Pile of Stuff To Do, Part V
November 11th, 2009 by slangon

We’re getting down to it folks. This is the start of the box of cards that Mark from Stats on the Back sent me. To break it down, the box contained exactly 206 cards, 1 of which was a double and 5 of which I happen to have. For all you calculator jockeys out there, that boils down to 200 Mets cards that I was needing for my collection. Since there’s no way I can possibly scan and talk about every one of those 200 cards, I will just pick out the gems and showcase them. Even doing it that way, though, there’s no way I can do this in one post, so I will break it down by decade. There was only 3 70’s cards, so those will get mushed in with the 80’s.

Here we go.


Some 70’s sweetness. By the by, that 1970 Jerry Grote is the French Canadian version of Gèrard Grote. It’s got French Canadian talk on the back to prove it. I used to not love the 1972 set so much, but man was I stupid. Those things are insanely good. I cannot help but smile looking at them. And it’s Cleon and Tom Terrific to boot.


So 80’s awesomeness. Mookie’s rookie, s George Foster Drake’s Cake card, and Wally Backman with about 10 pounds of chaw in his cheek. When I look at that card, I can hear tiny Wally say to me “I came here for 2 things. To drink beer, and kick some ass, and I’m about out of beer.”


A tiny Fleer Sticker of some dude with a beard that I wish I had, an 84 Hubie Brooks, and my man Keith. The 84 set is the first set that I started to buy as a young ‘un, so it will forever be one of my favorites.


I always loved these 80’s Fleer cards that had multiple players on them. This one is especially awesome because it has 2 Hall of Famers, a dude that I always thought was in the Hall of Fame until just this second when I looked it up to be sure, and a dude that might’ve ended up there if my favorite baseball player didn’t introduce him to coke. And how awesome is that jacket that Straw is rocking?


A Kevin Mitchell Sportflics and a Strawberry Diamond King. I have always loved Diamond Kings. Why? Because I love that Dick Perez draws people really weirdly. Have you ever seen anyone look good in a Dick Perez sketch?


A card prove to you youngsters that Allen & Ginter did not invent the mini card, another weird ass Mets card for my collection, and more proof that Dick Perez likes to make people look weird. And he thinks about bacon too much.


Look at those 2 Strawberry cards. How the hell did that dude ever hit a home run? I think if he tried, he could hide behind his bat. And another mini.

That was a very quick glossing over of the 70’s and 80’s. Stay tuned for the 90’s.

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  1. Don’t mess with Dick Perez. There have been a few weird looking ones over the years but they were always my favorite part of Donruss sets. I’m working on Box 2 for you now!

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